Getting Started with Live Streaming

If you are new to live video production or your want to getan quick overview of mimoLive’s capabilities. This section is a good start to learn.

Record a presentation in mimoLive

Here is an example of a professional speaker recording setup that we recently used at the Code BEAM Lite conference in Munich. mimoLive™ helps to significantly reduce the

Live Streaming to Vimeo

Add Vimeo to your live stream destinations Vimeo offers live streaming to Premium customers. Here is a quick guide of how to broadcast to Vimeo.

Manage Multiple Streaming Accounts

Happy New Year! This is the first release in 2018 and big things are coming. Right off the bat, we are updating the way mimoLive

Making mimoLive Sound Great

Troy Grady is pushing the limits of guitarists and of live streaming. Announcing his first live broadcast show, with guest Michael Angelo Batio, he also

mimoLive 2.8: Anonymous Filter

This convenient filter to disguise an interviewee’s identity might come in handy sooner than we hope, given the current geopolitical climate. It features face tracking and

mimoLive 2.8: Split Screen Layer

Set up split screen layouts for multiple inputs, for example for discussion panels, interviews or multi-angle views quickly and easily with the new Split Screen

mimocall client mac

mimoLive 2.8: Introducing mimoCall

Interviews and Panel Discussions for Podcasters and Broadcasters Reinvented mimoLive 2.8 contains the most exciting new feature in mimoLive ever: Getting reports from a field