Live Streaming Essentials

These videos are part of our video series “Live Streaming Essentials” in which Leo talks about the fundamentals of live video topics to help you get started and grow beyond the beginner level.

Learn essentials and tipps about live video streaming. 


What is a Teleprompter?

A teleprompter can help you escape the embarrassment of forgetting your speech midway during live streams and reduce retakes while recording videos. Find out how a teleprompter can be used to make your video content flawless and also how to use it.

Color Depth explained | LSE – E04

Live Streaming Essentials – E04 In this episode, Leo explains video and image color depth. This video is part of his video series “Live Streaming Essentials”

Progressive and Interlaced video | LSE – E03

Live Streaming Essentials – E03In this episode, Leo explains the differences between progressive and interlaced videos. This video is part of his video series “Live Streaming

Studio lights

How to Create the Perfect Studio Lighting?

Whether you’re shooting a film or a school morning announcement, proper lighting is something that you will definitely require. In fact, lighting is one of the many important things that play a role in making your production look as professional as possible. So, naturally, you are required to know how lighting works in order to make sure your work is worth all the effort you put in.

What is HLS HTTP Live Streaming?

Based on MPEG2-TS, HLS (HTTP Live Streaming) is Apple’s patented streaming format. It is an adaptive streaming communication protocol. Initially, HLS was used only for Apple devices.  Now it is supported

What is Chroma Subsampling | LSE – E05

Live Streaming EssentialsIn this episode, Leo answers the question of what is chroma subsampling. He explains everything you need to know about Chroma Subsampling, a

Live Video Essentials on YouTube

What is 1080i? 720p? ProRes 4:4:4? Chroma keying? Learn the basic terminology of live video production from our resident expert, Leo. Please watch our episodes