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Record a presentation in mimoLive

Here is an example of a professional speaker recording setup that we recently used at the Code BEAM Lite conference in Munich. mimoLive™ helps to significantly reduce the

photokina.tv powered by mimoLive

Every two years, FotoTV.de produces photokinaTV during the world’s largest photo and video trade show photokina in Cologne, Germany. FotoTV.de’s Marc Ludwig interviews Boinx Software’s

Using Mentimeter with mimoLive

This cool video by forum user @wibbly is both a show case for using mimoLive to record a screencast and a demo of using Mentimeter to integrate

Tutorial: Broadcast With mimoLive

Elementary iPad Lab teacher Katie Chirhart (@HartEdTech) created this tutorial on how to use MimoLive to create a professional looking elementary news broadcast. Thank you very much,

Sobre o mimoLive

mimoLive®. é um software profissional de transmissão ao vivo para Mac® que permite aos utilizadores criar transmissões ao vivo de alta qualidade com a sua interface intuitiva e características avançadas tais como mistura multicamadas, gráficos incorporados, replay e replay instantâneo, ecrã verde e efeitos de vídeo avançados. Suporta um vasta gama de plataformas incluindo YouTube, Facebook e Twitch.

Experimente o poder e a versatilidade premiada do mimoLive com o seu Prémio Apple Design Award reconhecimento. 

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