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Product related news and updates about mimoLive. 

Getting Started

If you are new to live video production or your want to get an quick overview of mimoLive’s capabilities. This section is a good start to learn.

Talk like News Anchors © Boinx

How to talk like a news anchor?

There is a lot more that goes in making a video content sound professional and also be interesting for the fans. We have put together some tips that are useful to create video news or content like a professional TV news anchor or reporter.

My first live stream
Getting Started

My First Live Stream

Show your personality and become a streaming star How to start your first live stream? Learn how to get started with live streaming on your

Live Streaming Essentials

Learn essentials and tipps about live streaming production. 

Color Depth explained | LSE – E04

Live Streaming Essentials – E04 In this episode, Leo explains video and image color depth. This video is part of his video series “Live Streaming Essentials”

Progressive and Interlaced video | LSE – E03

Live Streaming Essentials – E03In this episode, Leo explains the differences between progressive and interlaced videos. This video is part of his video series “Live Streaming

Advanced Live Streaming

Here are our resources for advanced and expert users. Please be aware that some techniques require basic understanding of coding in computer language. 

Automation in mimoLive

Masterclass: Automation in mimoLive

In this masterclass, Achim, the CTO of Boinx Software guides you through the steps for automation in mimoLive for creating advanced professional live streams. This masterclass

Coding Video Layers

Masterclass: Coding Video Layers

mimoLive™ Masterclass: Coding Video layers for mimoLive. For experts and advanced mimoLive application. Learn how to code your own video layer with mimoLive™. This masterclass


MacBookPro heat optimization for mimoLive

Here you find some tips to get the best performance with a laptop running mimoLive. Performance issues with MacBookPro We figured that sometimes the turbo