Zoom® Meeting Integration in HD for professional video productions

Recording Zoom Meetings in HD

Discover a new dimension of live streaming excellence with mimoLive’s seamless Zoom integration. This dynamic collaboration brings practical advantages and creative possibilities that redefine your content creation process. Seamlessly merge the capabilities of mimoLive and Zoom to craft engaging virtual environments where real-time interaction takes center stage. Whether it’s enhancing your camera feed with precision editing or effortlessly incorporating multiple HD streams for enriched round table discussions, mimoLive’s Zoom integration empowers you to create content that resonates, connects, and captivates like never before.

Virtual Round Tables

Engage in an advanced content creation paradigm through the integration of virtual round table discussions, a feature that embodies the meticulous approach to innovation. This component facilitates seamless remote participation, enabling dynamic conversations that defy geographical barriers. However, the utility extends beyond the interactive aspect. 

Employing mimoLive introduces a plethora of editing potential, transforming each participant’s input into a versatile canvas. 

Harness graphics, overlays, and transitions to sculpt a narrative that echoes the precision and ingenuity synonymous with German engineering.

ISO Recording For Zoom®

Record 8 HD Streams simultatniously

Unveil the power of ISO recording, a feature that mirrors the approach to technical innovation. With ISO recording, every element of your content creation process is meticulously preserved, reflecting an unwavering commitment to precision. 

Each audio track, video source, and individual component is captured in its unaltered state, allowing for unparalleled flexibility during post-production. 

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ISO recording empowers you with a foundation of excellence, elevating your content creation to an extraordinary level of precision and proficiency.


Within the Hybrid Production paradigm, we introduce a meticulously crafted concept that integrates mimoLive’s advanced Zoom capabilities. This innovative approach harnesses up to six HD video feeds sourced from a single Zoom® call, displayed across distinct screens in a professional studio setting.

Guided by a skilled host, a virtual round table unfolds amidst studio cameras. The synergy of these video feeds is seamlessly orchestrated by mimoLive, resulting in a captivating broadcast for a global audience. Beyond visuals, our precision audio routing ensures each participant’s voice is seamlessly channeled. 

This holistic production extends beyond the studio through the Hybrid Out, connecting our intricately designed creation with the world, transcending barriers and redefining digital engagement.

Stand out with your appearance in Zoom®s

Personalize your Zoom® presence and gain special attention in your next meetings. By seamlessly integrating graphics into your camera feed, you’re making a lasting impression. 

Embrace the benefits of visually enhancing your Zoom video: from adding professional lower thirds displaying your Name and Title to embedding a corporate logo. Every visual element contributes to a heightened level of engagement and credibility.


Enhanced Zoom® Meeting Recording with mimoLive

In the digital age, the significance of capturing and preserving impactful Zoom calls cannot be overstated. Whether it’s a critical business meeting, a knowledge-packed webinar, or a memorable virtual event, these interactions hold immense value. Enter mimoLive’s exceptional feature: a high-quality recorder tailored for Zoom calls. With this unique capability, mimoLive empowers you to seamlessly document your Zoom conversations in stunning detail and uncompromised 1080p quality. 

Every spoken word, visual presentation, and collaborative discussion is meticulously captured, ensuring that your valuable content remains accessible for future reference, analysis, and sharing. Embrace the power of mimoLive’s enhanced Zoom recording to create an enduring archive of your most important moments, ready to be seamlessly integrated into your content creation and storytelling journey.

Made for live streaming

mimoLive is designed for live streaming and live production. Record the show directly, which saves you time and money in post production.

Record separate tracks (ISO Recording)

Record audio and video source independently in separate files (ISO recording). Especially great for Zoom® Meeting recording which reduces post production time. Up to 8 HD Streams simultaneously.

Round Table

Create virtual round table discussions with remote and studio guests. Easy to access for guests, and easy to handle for the video production team.


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