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mimoLive® - Live Streaming Studio Software

Professional live streaming and virtual camera software for Mac®.mimoLive delivers your mastered video to any video platform and includes NDI®, multi-cam video switcher, graphics engine and ISO recording. See Full Spec

Your virtual control room​

mimoLive is an all-in-one live switcher, video encoder, editor, and streaming software for Mac®. It enables you to switch multiple cameras, insert presentations, add graphics, overlay lower-thirds, social media comments, transparency with green screens, and so much more.

mimoLive Wide Screen Monitor
Control Surface & mimoLive on a super wide screen
mimoLive concept multi camera switcher no numbers
The first column contains input and media sources,
e.g. cameras, audio, video call-ins multimedia files, screen captures + more.
You will create, configure and select all your audio and video sources here. You can configure video and audio inputs,
as well as real-time video effects.
Video Layers
The Layer Stack contains all
elements which compose the final video, like cameras,
video switcher, Audio Channels, PTZ camera control,
camera placer, Lower Thirds,
split views, Picture-In-Picture (PIP) and more.
Multiview column style - mimoLive supports
several options for multiview setup.
Choose the active screen by a keystroke
, mouse or external keys.
Output destinations and Program Out Preview:
Live Streaming simultanously, ISO File Recording,
NDI® Broadcast, Fullscreen Playout &
Playout to Blackmagic Design hardware.

Professional live streaming software
accessible for everyone

„Video Live Streaming has never been so easy and accessible. Simply from your Mac®, you can switch live cameras, add graphics, lower-thirds and stream to multiple destinations.”

Top live video streaming features:

  • Resolution up to 8K UHD+ 7680 x 7680
  • Multistreaming & Simulcasting: Stream simultaneously to various destinations like: Facebook Live®, YouTube Live®, Periscope®, Screen9®, Twitch®, BoxCast®, linkedIn Live® and more
  • Multiple 9-Channel Video Switcher
  • Supports USB cameras, HDMI, NDI, Screencapture, iPhone, iPads and more video input sources
  • Various split-screen layouts for interviews and panel discussions
  • Unlimited Video Calls, build-in video conferencing via a web browser (mimoCall™)
  • Separated audio & video tracks recoding (ISO Recording)
  • Various Graphic Layers: news banner, station logo, lower third +more
  • Social Media integration and comments
  • Transparency with Green screen, custom chroma keying
  • Webcam, IP Cam, USB/HDMI video Inputs
  • 65 real-time video effects
  • Mac®, iPhone®, iPad® screen sharing,
  • PTZ-camera + control
  • Time-Shift-Option for replays
  • Frame rate up to 60 fps
  • Recording ProRes 444 of multiple channels
  • Custom audio mixdowns for every output
  • Virtual Camera Output to improve video conferencing like Zoom®, Skype® or MS Teams
  • Stream to Zoom®, Skype®, or most video conferencing platforms
  • Audio MixMinus
  • Remote Control via a web browser
  • Blackmagicdesign  ATEM mini® Support
  • X-Keys® Keyboard Support
  • NDI® Support (Input and Output)
  • Record Skype® Video Calls
  • RTMP Streaming to any custom RTMP service
  • + many Addons, Custom Layer Service and Coaching available at the online store

The legacy of BoinxTV

The start of software-based video switching for Mac®

mimoLive is the successor of the famous BoinxTV live streaming studio app. The development started in 2008 and since then, the live streaming software gets constantly improved to meet the needs of professionals and everyone who loves to create professional live video.

BoinxTV Icon

Simulcast streaming destinations

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Program Out Green Screen

mimoLive’s Chroma Key

Get the most out of your Mac®

mimLive™ is exclusively developed on & for Mac®
and is fully optimized for macOS®

The live video switcher enables you to switch multiple cameras. The powerful graphics engine lets you insert presentations, add graphics like weather maps, lower-thirds, social media feeds, green screens, and much more. mimoLive streams and records simultaneously to various services and locations.

ADA09 OSX Leopard Dev Showcase blk

Apple’s computers does not make any compromises when it comes down to performance. That is one reason why we develop exclusively for the Apple® Mac® platform.

Our solutions take full advantage of Apple’s technology and architecture without no compromises from compatibility to other platforms.

mimoLive – Professional Live Streaming Software 

mimoLive News

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mimoLive Update 5.11

Version 5.11, Jul 15th 2021 Download mimoLive 5.11 (78.89 MB) Changes: New: Audio volume controls got a peak indicator. New: Kiosk mode is now a property of the document rather

Live streaming is challenging

We know. Directing various cameras for your live show is challenging. Keeping an overview of many tasks like switching the active camera, replay prerecorded sequences and adding the correct lower third for your interview guest is essential. 

For a one-person live production that seems almost impossible, but we can prove: it is possible.

mimoLive – Professional live streaming Software for Mac®.

livestreaming 800x450 1
mimoLive's headquarter studio

Preparation is key

mimoLive performs multiple actions simultaneously on single keystrokes, this live video editor enables you to create professional live videos as a one-person production.

Just imagine what you can do if you have a video team, or several mimoLive instances running at the same time.

mimoLive is the all-in-one solution for live streaming professionals, fully supported for an NDI® based workflow.

mimoLive – Professional live streaming software

mimoLive helps thousands of creators around the world to be better in professional live streaming

Here are some customers and what they say about mimoLive:

Trusted by global companies

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System Requirements

Apple® Mac® computer*
macOS® 10.11+ (recommended: 10.14. or better)
*M1 processors are not yet fully supported by V5.10 but we are working on it

Live switcher and professional live streaming software for Mac®

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Fields of applications for professional live streaming software:

mimoLive – The better way to live stream.

The professional live streaming workflow with mimoLive follows four major steps. First, capture your video footage using any given camera. Followed by the second step, the input into the computer. Conventional using professional graphic cards, externs SDI / HDMI Converter and more recently NDI® 4 camcorders.
We believe in the future of the network standard NDI®, that’s why it is our recommendation to you to check if NDI® delivers good results for your sort of live video stream.

Switch cameras, video call-ins, add graphics and decode the final live stream​

Once the video streams are coming into your Mac® – it’s time for mimoLive™ to take over encoding, switching video streams, adding graphics and decoding the final stream. This is the third major workflow step for the director of the show. We enpower video producer to control comprehensive live shows by small teams.
Finally, mimoLive uses several presets for the major streaming platforms to simply your work life, and to make the fourth step of your workflow as easy as possible.

Boinx Software Dictionary

mimoLive is an acronym for multi-input, multi-output, live, video engine which characterises the professional live streaming software.

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