Streaming for churches, synagogues, temples and other places of worship

Our professional live video switcher and streaming software is the perfect solution for churches, synagogues, and other places of worship that want to reach a wider audience and keep their members engaged. With our advanced features, you can easily switch between multiple camera angles, add overlays, and create professional-looking productions in real-time.

Design to help your church reach more people and connect community

Our software also includes advanced streaming capabilities, allowing you to stream live to multiple platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, and your own website. With the ability to stream in high definition, you can ensure that your members have the best viewing experience possible.

High-definition streaming for a superior viewing experience


Our software also includes features such as chat and giving options, making it easy for your members to stay engaged and connected to your church community. You can also record your services and make them available on-demand for members who may have missed the live stream.

Overall, our professional live video switcher and streaming software is designed to help your church reach more people, provide a better viewing experience, and keep your community connected. Upgrade to our streaming software today and see the difference it can make in your church’s online presence.

Key benefits for worship streaming

Customizable Live Stream Layout

Customize your live stream layout with effective tools to keep your audience engaged. Include graphics, moderated prayer requests, and chat with your congregation in real time without ads or outside branding.

Stream Anywhere

Stream to multiple destinations, including your website or church app, and utilize third-party streaming through major platforms like Youtube, Facebook, Vimeao, RTMP feeds and more. Never change a running system, mimoLive integrates well.

Easy Editing

Attendees will experience world-class viewing through your live, simulated live, and even prerecorded video content. Implement features like pre and post-roll and even built-in video calls to bring a remote guest into your show.

Control your PTZ camera for Church Live Streaming

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What are the benefits of mimoLive?

  • Cost-effectively allow more people to share the spiritual experience
  • Stream live and record at the same time for on-demand viewing later
  • Reach out to the sick, the traveling, the working members of your community who are unable to attend in person and to the young people who are seeking spiritual support and guidance online
  • Raise funds for your church or other faith organization by selling access to the live broadcast or soliciting donations
  • mimoLive is so easy to use, it can be operated by volunteers

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