Live Video Calls – mimoCall™

High Performance Live Video Calls 

Fully integrated Video Calls From Webbrowser

mimoCall™, the integrated video call feature of mimoLive comes for free with every mimolive™ subscription.

Add unlimited calls to your live recording or live stream.

mimoCall turns your smart device into a client for a video call-in broadcasting system. Where ever you are on the globe, mimoCall will remember the direct link to the video control room and can establish a stable audio and video call quickly and reliable. 

Speak with your interview guests in stereo audio

Easily invite remote guests to join your live streams, with high-quality stereo video calls.

mimoCall Girls video call
Add a call
Add and create a new unique
link for a video call.
Share the link with
your invitee.
Share a specific link with
each and every guests to stay
in control of your interviews.
Compose the final video by
adding a split screens
and audio layers to the
layer stack of mimoLive.
Program Out
The program-out window to
check  your final live
video stream.

How To Take Video Calls On A Live Stream

Learn how you can take calls on a live stream using the build-in mimoCall™. 

 Once you have your live call system set up you can take calls LIVE from your viewers during a YouTube, Facebook, or Twitch or any other live stream.

Try mimoCall™  easy, simple & build-in.

What's New in mimoCall 2?

  • Expanded Browser Support: mimoCall is now compatible with more browsers, including mobile Safari on iPhone and iPad. This means you can now use mimoCall on your mobile devices and tablets!
  • Custom Skinning: Users of the mimoLive Broadcast License can now design the client according to their corporate identity. Provide a branded version of mimoCall to your audience!
  • Location Support: Visualize the location of a caller on a map in your live stream. This is perfect for showing the location of a field reporter or tracking competitors in a race in real time.

High-End Audio Quality

Step ahead with best audio for your interviews. mimoLive supports stereo audio in high quality.

Easy Call-In

Your guests can join via the web browser - quick and easy from any device.

Invite your guests

Send an invitation link to anyone who should be on your live video stream. Unique mimoCall links keep you organized - even having several guests.

mimoCall Audio Settings

Enable Stereo and High
Quality Audio for the best
audio experience
Click the cog icon the open
settings for this mimoCall.
Use the bandwidth monitor
for control and

Made for live streaming

mimoLive is designed for live streaming and live production. Record the show directly, which saves you time and money in post production.

Record separate tracks (ISO Recording)

Record audio and video source independently in separate files (ISO recording). Especially great for podcast recording which reduces post production time.

Hifi audio quality

mimoCall preserves the highest bandwidth and gives you the highest audio quality. You can even create podcasts with mimoLive.

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