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High-Performance, Fully Integrated Live Video Calls

Seamless Integration

mimoCall™, the comprehensive video call feature within mimoLive®, is available at no additional cost with every mimoLive subscription. 

This tool seamlessly transforms any smart device into a portable broadcasting station, allowing you to connect reliably from anywhere in the world directly to your video control room.

Add unlimited calls to your live recording or live stream.

Unlimited Connections: Effortlessly add unlimited video calls to your live recordings or streams. Whether you’re hosting a webinar, conducting interviews, or engaging with a live audience, mimoCall™ ensures high-quality, stable connections without the hassle of third-party software.

Recording Zoom® Meetings in HD

Discover a new dimension of live streaming excellence with mimoLive’s seamless Zoom® integration. This dynamic collaboration brings practical advantages and creative possibilities that redefine your content creation process. 

Read more on the Zoom® Integration Page.

Speak with your interview guests in stereo audio

Stereo Audio Quality: Engage with your interviewees in crisp, clear stereo audio. mimoCall™ enhances each conversation, ensuring your broadcasts have professional sound quality.

mimoCall Girls video call
Add a call
Add and create a new unique
link for a video call.
Share the link with
your invitee.
Share a specific link with
each and every guests to stay
in control of your interviews.
Compose the final video by
adding a split screens
and audio layers to the
layer stack of mimoLive.
Program Out
The program-out window to
check  your final live
video stream.

How to Engage Your Audience with mimoCall?

Add a Call: Generate a unique link for each video call with ease within mimoLive. This link can be shared with your invitees, providing direct access to join your live stream. The link stays as a fixed input channel and can be shared ahead of your livestream. 

  1. Manage Your Invites: Maintain full control over your broadcast by sending specific links to each guest. This organized approach ensures smooth transitions and professional-quality streams.
  2. Customize Your Broadcast: Utilize mimoLive’s advanced composition tools to add split screens, integrate audio layers, and fine-tune the visuals of your live stream right from the program-out window.

Try mimoCall™  easy, simple & build-in.

What's New in mimoCall 2?

  • Expanded Browser Support: Now compatible with more browsers, including mobile Safari on iOS devices, ensuring you can connect with your audience across all platforms.

    • Custom Skinning: Customize the look of mimoCall™ to match your brand with the mimoLive Broadcast License. Offer a tailored experience that reinforces your brand identity.
    • Location Support: Enhance your broadcasts with real-time location visuals, perfect for showcasing the whereabouts of field reporters or tracking live event participants.

High-End Audio Quality

Step ahead with best audio for your interviews. mimoLive supports stereo audio in super-high quality.

Easy Call-In

Your guests can join via the web browser - quick and easy from any device.

Invite your guests

Send an invitation link to anyone who should be on your live video stream. Unique mimoCall links keep you organized - even having several guests.

mimoCall Audio Settings

Enable Stereo and High
Quality Audio for the best
audio experience
Click the cog icon the open
settings for this mimoCall.
Use the bandwidth monitor
for control and

Made for live streaming

mimoLive is designed for live streaming and live production. Record the show directly, which saves you time and money in post production.

Record separate tracks (ISO Recording)

Record audio and video source independently in separate files (ISO recording). Especially great for podcast recording which reduces post production time.

Hifi audio quality

mimoCall preserves the highest bandwidth and gives you the highest audio quality. You can even create podcasts with mimoLive.

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