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Download Area for official releases and beta preview releases.

User Manual

The online manual is a great way to learn step by step and explore mimoLive's capabilities.

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Our facebook group for streamers focuses is a great way to interact with other mimoLive users.


Our community at forum.boinx.com offers great resources for help and assistance.

Tech Support

Call +1 855 BOINXSW
(+1 855 264 6979)
in English
(Toll-free in the U.S., International call charges apply)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Create live video up to 8k
  • Switch video sources
  • Add text, graphics overlays
  • Add and mix audio sources like microphones, music
  • Create video calls and use split screens arrangements
  • Add real-time filter to video sources
  • Chroma keying to create background transparency in video
  • Arrange video, graphics and sounds by the mouse cursor, keystrokes, automation scripts, browser-based remote controls
  • stream the program out to various destinations simultaneously
  • ISO recording of sources and program
  • Live interaction with comments on social media platforms
  • Use NDI® ip-based video technology for video in and out
  • Create and Record ZOOM calls

mimoLive is an acronym for multi-input, multi-output, live, video engine.

mimoLive is the successor to BoinxTV and represents an enhanced and expanded version of the software. It offers a comprehensive set of features for professional live streaming and video production.

No, mimoLive is currently exclusive to macOS and does not have a Windows version. The software has been optimized to work specifically with Mac hardware. As a result, mimoLive is not compatible with Windows-based PCs. It’s important to note that any download versions of mimoLive claiming to be for Windows found on the internet are fraudulent. We do not currently develop a Windows-based version of mimoLive.

Yes, Facebook made the announcement in early September of 2019 that you are able to stream to multiple destinations including Facebook channels/pages/groups at the same time. Even though mimoLive complied with this rule in the past, you have no worries multistreaming to all the destinations that you need to moving forward.

They handle all your purchases and subscription-related matters. You can conveniently access your orders at any time by visiting https://boinx.onfastspring.com/account/. From there, you have the ability to make changes to your subscriptions as needed. FastSpring.com ensures a seamless and secure experience for managing your mimoLive subscription.

Unfortunately, we are not allowed to support streaming to Instagram Live directly. We are partners with all of the streaming platforms and accept their terms and conditions. This doesn’t mean that they won’t open up their API in the future – so we’ll be sure to let you know when they do.

In the meantime you can find out your personal Instagram Steam Key through 3d party software like https://yellowduck.tv. This allows you to stream to your Instagram account. You may violate Instagrams Terms of Use, please check it before.

mimoLive runs on the Apple M processors also known as Apple Silicon. 


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