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TV & Broadcast in digital transformation

The TV & broadcast industry goes through a digital transformation that fundamentally changes the way we produce live video shows. mimoLive helps to push forward and offers solutions from the first step into a digital workflow to a standalone digital live production solution.

We have a solution for you.

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We love mimoLive! It worked perfectly for our show's needs. Just finished the season for the show https://www.peacocktv.com/wilmore/
Every guest was brought in with mimoCall and sent out over SDI to an LED screen on set. We also used mimoLive to generate split-screen comps to send graphics and live camera feeds to Zoom, and back to the guest.

How to broadcast and stream with a small production team?

Small teams big outcome – read more on the professional broadcasting press:



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Professional video switcher for TV & broadcast

mimoLive – The better way to make live tv & broadcast.

The live video workflow with mimoLive follows four major steps. First, capture your video footage using any given camera. Followed by the second step, the input into the computer. Conventional using professional graphic cards, externs SDI / HDMI Converter and more recently NDI® 4 camcorders. Today we believe in the future of the network standard NDI® 4, that’s why it is our recommendation to you to check if NDI® 4 delivers good results for your sort of live video stream.

Switch cameras, video call-ins, add graphics and decode the final live stream​

Once the video streams are coming into your Mac – it’s time for mimoLive™ to take over encoding, switching video streams, adding graphics and decoding the final stream. This is the third major workflow step for the director of the show. We empower video producers to control comprehensive live shows by small teams.
Finally, mimoLive uses several presets for the major streaming platforms to simplify your work life, and to make the fourth step of your workflow as easy as possible.


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