Addons and Freebies for mimoLive™


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  • Add your ATEM Contoller

  • Variety of Lower Thirds
  • Great for interviews
  • Push information on screen

  • Add more control for your sports events

Free addons for mimoLive™

Elgato Stream Deck Plugin

Elgato Stream Deck

Elgato Stream Deck is a live production controller with customizable LCD keys to trigger actions in various applications. Thanks to Daniel Saxer from, the Stream Deck Plugin allows to control and trigger actions in mimoLive.*

*requires additional hard- and software

How to install Elgato Stream Deck Plugin?

Remote Control Surface

Turn your iPad into a custom-made mimoLive remote control. 
Create buttons based on your mimoLive project, change states of layers in real-time, get live visual feedback of video source and even monitor program output.

Download mimoLive Remote™ app is free for your iOS devices, iPads & iPhones. 

The mimoLive Remote Surface can also be used on any other device running the latest Chrome browser. Learn more.

Magnifying Glass Layer

This handy free layer for mimoLive allows you to magnify a part of the video to show details that might otherwise go unnoticed. Set options such as border color and size, zoom, size and shadow.

QR Code Source

Display a QR Code in your live stream or broadcast using this handy QR Code Source. Encourage audience participation by sending viewers to a URL or encode other information to link your video to the real world. (See Documentation.)

Backgrounds Pack 1

These background pack provide fun backgrounds for mimoLive for use in lower thirds or as green screen backgrounds. The free Background Pack 1 contains “Computer Circuits”, “Disco Lights”, “Line Art”, “Night Sky”, “Snow” and “Starfield”.

Music Track Layer

This layer is for visual radio to display the current artist, title and album art. It queries a JSON file that contains the artist name, song title and a URL to the album art jpeg.

Halloween Layer Pack

Prank your friends on Skype or Hangout. Or have green screen fun with the kids. Or projection map a scary movie on your house. The mimoLive Halloween Pack contains: 3 Zombie layers, Mystic Fog layer, Spider Web layer, Lightning Flashes, Horror Night Filter, Halloween Template.

PTZ Camera Controller for Twitter

Want to promote a #hashtag on Twitter? Set up a live stream with a PTZ camera and let your viewers control it via Twitter! See the documentation for more details on how this works.

Spotlight Layer

Another way to highlight a part of an image: Put a spotlight on it! Set the opacity, color, size and blur of the effect to optimise it for the content you’re highlighting and to adapt it to your CI.

LED Board Test Layer

If you are using mimoLive to feed a large LED board, this tool can help you locate defective LEDs.

Painter Layer

In broadcasting, the box for drawing on the program to highlight something is called a Telestrator. The Painter Layer is giving you that functionality. Choose colors, brush size and draw freely or in straight lines and add an arrow head.

News Template

News Template
free template for mimoLive