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By downloading the software, you are consenting to the End User License Agreement (EULA) of Boinx Software International GmbH. *You will be downloading the most recent version of FotoMagico, including any pre-released versions that may be available.

Welcome to the mimoLive Beta download website!

Here, you can access the latest beta versions of mimoLive before they are officially released. Please note that beta software may contain bugs and is not intended for production use. Stable versions for production download from the official mimolive download site.

By downloading and using our beta software, you agree to use it at your own risk. We appreciate any feedback you can provide to help us improve the software.

Found a bug?

We value your feedback and participation in the beta testing process. To assist us in identifying and resolving any issues, please post any notes or bugs you encounter in our online forum at Your input is crucial in helping us improve the software and deliver the best possible experience to all users. Thank you for your support!

What is beta software anyway?

Beta software refers to a pre-release version of a software program that is made available to the public for testing and feedback. Beta software is typically feature-complete but may contain known or unknown bugs, and is not intended for production use. By using beta software, users are agreeing to test the software and provide feedback to the developers to help identify and fix any issues before the final release. 

mimoLive 6.8b2

Version 6.8b2 – May, 2024 Fix: Window Caputre Source causes mimoLive to crash on macOS 12 (bug introduced in beta version).

Download site »

mimoLive 6.7.1b2

Version 6.7.1b2 – May 2024 Enhancement: Updated NDI SDK to version 6.0.1. Fix: Made the Media Controlls in the layers parameter column work again.

Download site »

mimoLive 6.7.1b1

Version 6.7.1b1 – May, 2024 New: Added a button to request the recording permission from the Zoom Meeting host. (Without this permission, there won’t be

Download site »

mimoLive 6.7b6

Version 6.7b6 – April 2024 New: Added the option to include or exclude the mimoLive UI from the screen capture source. Fix: The screen capture

Download site »

mimoLive 6.7b5

Version 6.7b5 – April 2024 Enhancement: Updated Zoom to version 5.17.11. Fix: The audio from a Zoom source will now be included in the Program

Download site »

mimoLive 6.7b2

Version 6.7b2 – March 2024 Fix: Using a Window Capture Source in macOS 12.3 through 13.2 caused mimoLive to crash. Fix: Adding a video filter

Download site »

mimoLive 6.7b1

Version 6.7b1 – March 2024 New: Added a new Last Recording Uploader Output Destination. It’s capable of uploading your recording via rsync to a server,

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