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Here, you can access the latest beta versions of mimoLive before they are officially released. Please note that beta software may contain bugs and is not intended for production use. Stable versions for production download from the official mimolive download site.

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What is beta software anyway?

Beta software refers to a pre-release version of a software program that is made available to the public for testing and feedback. Beta software is typically feature-complete but may contain known or unknown bugs, and is not intended for production use. By using beta software, users are agreeing to test the software and provide feedback to the developers to help identify and fix any issues before the final release. 

mimoLive 6.4b9

Version 6.4b9 – August 2023 Enhancement: The Full Screen Output Destination now shows the display names in the display chooser UI.

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mimoLive 6.4b8

Version 6.4b8 – August 2023 Fix: Sports Soccer Run of Play layer now correctly displays time in seconds during halftime. Fix: Blackmagic Design Output Destination

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mimoLive 6.4b7

Version 6.4b7 – August 2023 New: Added the Zoom account permanently to the Preferences Accounts tab. New: Implemented new HTTP API endpoint to control Zoom

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mimoLive 6.4b6

Version 6.4b6 – July 2023 New: Added a new HTTP API call to get a list of available audio and video devices. Enhancement: Drastically increased

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mimoLive 6.4b5

Version 6.4b5 – July 2023 New: Added a new Video Carousel layer that shows off the 3D capabilities of mimoLive. Enhancement: The Sport Player Table

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mimoLive 6.4b3

Version 6.4b3 – May, 2023 New: The Program Out (audio/video) get transfered into Zoom meetings. Enhancement: The Zoom Source summary line now maintains the display

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mimoLive 6.4b2

Version 6.4b2 – April, 2023 New: We have added a new Image Writer output destination for users to utilize. New: The Zoom SDK Version number

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mimoLive 6.4b1

Version 6.4b1 – April, 2023 New: mimoLive has become a Zoom client and can now receive Zoom video in high quality, screen sharing, and chat

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mimoLive 6.2b3

Version 6.2b3 December, 2022 Important:If your document contains custom Audio Mixes, you need to open the document with this mimoLive version, check the custom Audio

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