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lower third made with mimoLive®
Lower Third created with mimoLive® for Mac®

Lower Thirds

A lower third is a graphic element that appears in the lower portion of the screen during a video or television program. Lower thirds typically display information about the person speaking or the content being shown on screen. They can include the name and title of the speaker, a brief description of what is being discussed, or other relevant information. Lower thirds are often used to help viewers understand and follow along with the content of a video or program. They are commonly used in news, talk shows, and other types of programming where it is important to provide information about the people and topics being discussed.


In the television industry, a lower third is a graphic overlay placed in the title-safe lower area of the screen, though not necessarily the entire lower third of it, as the name suggests.

In its simplest form, a lower third can just be text overlaying the video. Frequently this text is white with a drop shadow to make the words easier to read. A lower third can also contain graphical elements such as boxes, images or shading. Some lower thirds have animated backgrounds and text.


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