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Explore Video Graphics in Layers

Chroma Key Concept

Why are Layers for Video Graphics beneficial? 


Using layers brings a host of benefits to your creative process. Layers provide a structured and organized way to work on different elements of your design or project. They allow you to isolate and manipulate individual components without affecting the rest of the composition, enabling precise adjustments and edits. 

This flexibility also facilitates experimentation, as you can easily try out different visual elements and arrangements

Layers offer a non-destructive workflow, preserving your original content while allowing you to enhance, refine, or modify specific aspects. Additionally, layers enable efficient collaboration and version control, making it simpler to share your work with others and keep track of changes. Overall, leveraging layers empowers you to achieve a higher level of control, creativity, and professionalism in your design endeavors.

Scene Setups and advanced control

And if you want to dive deeper, be sure to check out our Layers, Settings, and Variants section for advanced information on how to work with layers and create variants for scene setups and much more. Let’s get started!

List of all layers available in mimoLive*

mimoLive contains a large set of layers. Some layers contain graphic elements, animations, video placeholder or even a combination of all of these.
 (*mimoLive 5.9)

Refer to Layers, Settings and Variants for more information about how layers work.

Placer (the most important layer)

Place media in the layerstack, position the media in your stream, change geometry and more

360° Placer

For placing a 360 degree video source into your project.

Analog Clock

Add an analog type clock to your stream.


Add Call-to-actions to your stream.​

ATEM Controller

(Optional) Let you control a Blackmagic Design ATEM Controller. This layer is part of an optional addon which can be purchased separately.​


A placer layer for audio sources.​

Auto Video Switcher​

The Auto Video Switcher layer can take up to 9 video sources and switch automatically between them with either a cut or dissolve transition. ​


The Automation layer enables coding of mimoLive to expert users.

AV Sync Meter

Measure delays in your video and audio hardware to manually add delays certain devices. This helps to sync every source of your project.

AXIS Controller

The AXIS Controller layer can be used to remote control AXIS IP Cameras equipped with PTZ (Pan-Tilt-Zoom).


Adds a simple background graphic, set constant, or even gradients colours.

Basketball Score Keeper (optional)

Display scores for basketball matches. Part of the optional Sports Graphics Addon, purchase separately.

Basketball Scores

Display scores for basketball matches. Part of the optional Sports Graphics Addon, purchase separately.

More mimoLive Layers:


Add a graphic box, constant or gradient background color, transform position and dimensions.​

Breaking News

mimoLive Layer 2 News

Adds a banner for breaking news display. Adjust, time for transitions , font, positions, background and show upto 5 news & a new title.

Burning Text

mimoLive Layer 3 Fire

Animation of burning text.​


layer cloud

Add video loop of clouds in the foreground and background for an animated effect.

The Comments layer allows you to display comments from YouTube and Facebook in your Live Stream.

Create and show custom count downs with any kind of date and time format.

Cycling Sponsor Logos

mimoLive Layer 7

Cycling through up to 10 graphics, customise duration and appearance.

Display a digital date and time in your video.

This layer displays the reactions (aka. “Likes”) of a particular Facebook Post.

Flying Text Animation

Closeup which automatically follows based on face tracking

3d graphic animation of data

Headline with an animation of a rotating dice. Graphics can be customised.

The Instant Replay layer buffers the last couple of seconds of the layers below or a video source for instant replay. See a demo on youtube here.

iOS Device Demo

mimoLive Logo

Use an iPhone Mockup to display a video feed

iOS Device Demo 3D

mimoLive Logo

Use an iPhone Mockup to display a video feed. Turn the iPhone into three dimensions.

A lower third is an overlay of text and graphical elements placed on top of video content to give the audience extra information. Because this overlay appears commonly in the lower third of the screen, it is called lower third. 
mimoLive comes with a bunch of presets and a highly customisable Lower Third Pro Layer. 
At startup choose the Lower Third Playground template to see an interactive overview of all available lower third presets. 

A highly customisable Lower Third Pro layer. This layer is an advanced lower third layer which combines animated elements, automation and graphic design. 

The Picture-in-Picture (PIP) effect is a great way to overlay one video or image over another, typically in a smaller frame. 

The Over-The-Shoulder (OTS) technique is a visual staple in news broadcasts, offering a seamless way to introduce graphics or clips related to the topic being discussed by the presenter.

Made with mimoLive

Show some love for mimoLive and help to spread the word. We really appreciate it if you add this layer to your show.

News Crawl

Add an automatic RSS Feed News Crawler to your live feed.

Picture-in-Picture Window (PIP)

The more advanced picture-in-picture solutions which gives you a wide range of geometry options. 

The standard placer layer is the most important layer in mimoLive. It’s a basic layer to bring any media into the layer stack. This layer is used to for simply displaying a camera feed or a video file to geometric distortions.

More Layers:

– Placer With Transition
– Playlist Visualizer
– Portrait Placer
– Portrait Presenter
– Presenter 2D
– PTZOptics Controller
– Quick Look 3D
– Scrolling Credits
– Sidebar Ad
– Single Comment
– Social Media Likes
– Source With Distortion
– Split Screen
– Sports Standings
– Static Text
– Static Text 3D
– Station Logo
– Stopwatch
– Subtitles
– Syphon Video Sender
– Three Up
– Twitch Chat
– Twitter
– Video Output Test
– Video Switcher
– Video Sync Meter
– Waving Flag
– Weather Forecast
– Weather Map 2
– World News

List of Input Sources

Input Sources Description
Video Video source is used for any HDMI, SDI, USB camera connected to your mac. It combines the video and audio input if available.
Blackmagic Design Video Use Blackmagic Design Hardware as video sources in mimoLive.
NDI® Video Source Connect to any NDI enabled device on the network and use it as a video source in mimoLive.
iOS Device Video This source let you display the screen of your iOS device connected to your Mac with a cable.
Audio Configure a audio only source if you need to add audio on a separate path to your video production.
Media Playlist Playback a list of media files of different types (stills, audio tracks or movies)
mimoCall™ Video Call feature of mimoLive. Connect your interview or podcast guest remotely to your live stream show via a web browser.
IP Camera (RTSP) Add an RTSP input source to your mimolive document.
Last recording If you have a File Recording Output Destination in your mimoLive document, this source will get pushed the last recorded movie file path and can play it back instantly.
Screen Capture & Screencast Use this source to capture your Macs desktop screen. If you have two displays, use one display for controlling mimoLive and the second one to record your screencast.
Social Media Social Media sources let you retrieve data from Social Media services, like Facebook Reactions, YouTube comments and such.
Web Browser Capture This source provides a window capture of a web browser. You can capture entire web pages or portions of it.
Window Capture The Window Capture source lets you grab a windows from any apps or a part of them for use in any layer that supports a video source.
Motion-JPEG Many internet webcams have a built-in motion-JPEG-server (including the cameras by AXIS). You can grab them with this source.
Placeholder If you are currently setting up a document but don’t have all the hardware around then you can fill in a placeholder with configurable letters.
Slideshow Add still images to your document and present them as a slideshow.
Sports Team Data (optional) For team games of any kind this data source provides the information of a single team. This is part of the Sports Graphics Addon.
Syphon Video Receiver The Syphon Video Receiver source receives video data from other Syphon Video Servers, including mimoLives built-in Syphon Sender layer. Many 3rd party video apps supports this standard.
Text The Text source let you create text on a background quick and easy.
Video Output Test If you are certain about your video pipeline you can use this video source to check if every pixel is processed correctly throughout your setup.
AV Sync Test This Source is for diagnostic purposes. It creates a blinking video and synchronized sound, so that the Output Destinations can be tested for sync issues.
Zoom Meeting The Zoom Meeting Source in mimoLive provides a convenient and flexible way to integrate remote participants into your live production workflow, allowing you to create a more engaging and dynamic experience for your audience. (Needs a Studio or Broadcast Licence)

mimoLive* supports various input sources. Here is the list of the available input sources.

(*mimoLive 6.4) – Information provided without guarantee


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