Boinx Live: Video conference with mimoLive 5.5 & NDI® iOS

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In this live stream episode, we talk about the possibilities of video conferencing with mimoLive. Under the covid-19 restrictions, the need to create professional video streams/conferences gets important for many, so we dedicate this episode to that topic. 

Main topics of this Boinx Live Live Stream

– Video Conferencing with a virtual camera (e.g. for Zoom, WebEx, Google Meet)
– mimoLive & Skype integration via NDI®
– NDI® iOS Screen Capture

Updates in mimoLive 5.5

– mimoLive 5.5
– mimoLive Reporter 2.3 / mimoCall
– mimoLive Box Followed by our Q&A session. 


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About Boinx Live Boinx

Live is a live video stream hosted by the founders of Boinx Software. You can meet Achim Breidenbach (CTO), and Oliver Breidenbach (CEO) to ask anything you like to know. To ask any questions, simply post them in the comments section of the live stream.
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