mimoLive 2.8

What is new in this version?

Version 2.8 – January, 2017

  • New: Added mimoCall video source! Bringing in remote interview partners is very easy now! Beta phase!
  • New: Added a Split Screen layer for up to 6 video sources. This layer has a “solo” button fore each source to bring it in full screen.
  • New: Added a Deskew video filter. This filter helps you to deskew a flat surface if you capturing it from an odd angle (e.g. a scoreboard in a gym)
  • New: Start/Stop Stream commands were added to the HTTP API.
  • New: Added BoinxConnect account login (needed for mimoCall video source)
  • New: Created a companion app mimoLive Remote for iOS devices. (Beta)
  • New: Created a new Quartz Composer Patch called Set Structure Member.
  • New: Added a Help menu item to output some tech specs about the available video encoders
  • New: Added a Anonymous video filter to pixelate a face via face tracking.
  • New: Copy/Paste of layers is now possible, also drag and drop layers between multiple mimoLive documents.
  • New: Added buttons for Remote Control Surface and Virtual Camera Plugin Status to the tool bar.
  • New: Added an option to record the mouse cursor in the Screen Capture Source.
  • Enhancement: Chroma Keyer Pro video filter has a adjustable despill color now. Also fixed a problem with noise in dark colors. Changed the user interface for “Cut Off” setup so that it is more obvious how that works.
  • Enhancement: Chroma Keyer Basic now has an “automatic” feature that guesses the settings by analysing the current video image.
  • Enhancement: Put some tooltips on the buttons in the toolbar to explain what they do.
  • Enhancement: Increased overall performance by reducing the number of threads used by the app.
  • Enhancement: Fixed typos in some layer descriptions.
  • Enhancement: Added “day” output option to Stop Watch layer.
  • Enhancement: Improved undo redo management when working with layers.
  • Enhancement: Updated the UI to make it more consistent.
  • Enhancement: Updated links to new online documentation at http://docs.mimo.live
  • Enhancement: Fixed some glitches in the Window Capture Source cropping setup panel.
  • Enhancement: Updated the virtual Camera Plugins.
  • Enhancement: Now composition sources can use other sources as image inputs.
  • Enhancement: Renamed Sports Standing layer to Table layer and added a Flip transition.
  • Enhancement: Movie Sources now have the option to
  • Fixed: Crash when opening a document and having a Twitch account configured.
  • Fixed: A missing keyframe at the beginning of a H264 recording which made the recording pixelated and unable to upload to YouTube. This also affects streaming.
  • Fixed: Placeholder sources are now correctly restored after loading a mimoLive document.
  • Fixed: Instagram Source didn’t show images if the user name didn’t match a unique account.
  • Fixed: Keyboard shortcut now work with multiple documents open at once.
  • Fixed: Hang when working with image outputs in custom layers and the Remote Control was enabled.
  • Fixed: Twitch Chat layer displayed empty messages.
  • Fixed: When selecting a Facebook channel destination mimoLive sometimes crashed.
  • Fixed: Glitch when using a layer with movies the last frame of movies was still shown.
  • Fixed: Glitch when using empty text inputs filed that where displayed as

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