mimoLive 5.0

What is new in this version?

Version 5.0 – May, 2019

New mimoLive features:

  • New: Layer Sets allow controlling the live state of multiple layers at once, allowing you completely change what’s on the program out with just one tap.
  • New: Use the Video Sync Meter layer to measure delays between two video signals.
  • New: Added option to drag & drop (or copy & paste) layers between documents. Associated sources (such as media file sources) will be copied automatically.
  • New: Newly created sources and layers will now automatically assign an account or source if appropriate.
  • Enhancement: Improved Undo for Layer properties and the document dirty state.
  • Enhancement: mimoCall now supports clients with modern browsers like Safari in addition to Google Chrome.
  • Enhancement: The Program Out view in the Multiview layout now has a red border to make it more visible.

New Workflow for mimoLive Templates

  • New: Many new templates with accompanying documentation and tutorials help you get up to speed faster with your particular use case.
  • New: The “New Document” window has a new look which makes templates more accessible.
  • New: Right-clicking a template allows deletion, renaming or revealing in Finder.
  • New: Dragging document templates (.tvtemplate) onto the new document window will add them to the “Your templates” section.

Enhancements for YouTube Live & Facebook Live

  • New: Added a button for opening the YouTube dashboard in the Live Streaming Output Destination.
  • New: The YouTube Streaming Output Destination can now stop and resume a stream without ending the corresponding YouTube event.
  • New: Added a button for checking Facebook account permissions in the account preferences.

Enhancements for Accounts

  • Fix: Facebook account creation and token renew issues.
  • Fix: Documents restore selected accounts in their sources and layers properly.
  • Fix: Sources and layers allow an empty account selection (“None”).
  • Fix: mimoLive crashed when the user clicked on the “Reset Password” link in the Boinx Connect login window.

Enhancements for Sources

  • New: Media sources now have a context menu to reload or replace a media file.
  • Fix: Video frames where distorted when receiving macOS window content from a remote computer via NDI Scan Convert by NewTek.
  • Fix: mimoCall screen sharing support restored for Google Chrome and enabled for Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Edge.
  • Fix: Audio Dynamics enabled itself magically after reloading a document.
  • Fix: mimoLive crashed when opening the Advanced Movie Settings popup.
  • Fix: Web browser source crashing for some users when no previous web page was loaded.

Enhancements for Layers

  • Fix: Sometimes the Comments layer displayed the wrong avatar image for a comments author.
  • Fix: The social media service icon was no longer shown by the Single Comment or Comments layers.
  • Fix: When switching a Lower Third layer live for the first time it had a hick-up.
  • Fix: The Lower Third layer rendered multi-lined text always as “centered”.
  • Fix: The Remote Control Surface button preset for the ATEM Control layer had some misconfigured buttons.
  • Fix: Audio was cut off at the beginning when switching on a Audio Only layer.

Important Fixes:

  • Enhancement: All output destinations are checked on show start and a warning is shown for output destinations experiencing issues.
  • Fix: In special cases opening a second document caused the app to hang.
  • Fix: The detachable Preview and Program window would freeze when their title bar was hidden.
  • Fix: mimoLive crashed if the Rendering Performance Monitor was opened but a Layer had no name.
  • Fix: Remote Control surfaces couldn’t be resized.
  • Fix: In some cases the Mask and Overlay video filter produced upside down images.
  • Fix: Minor UI glitches.

By downloading the software, you are consenting to the End User License Agreement (EULA) of Boinx Software International GmbH.

About mimoLive

mimoLive® is a professional live streaming software for Mac® that allows users to create high-quality live streams with its intuitive interface and advanced features such as multi-layer mixing, built-in graphics, replay and instant replay, green screen and advanced video effects. It supports a wide range of platforms including YouTube, Facebook and Twitch.

Experience the award-winning power and versatility of mimoLive with its Apple Design Award recognition. 

Latest stable version

mimoLive 6.6.1

Version 6.6.1 – March 2024 Important: If you are updating from mimoLive 6.5 or earlier, please download this new version of mimoLive from our website

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