mimoLive 5.10.1b4

What is new in this version?

Version 5.10.1b4 April, 2021

  • New: Output destinations can be updated via HTTP GET request with an ?update= parameter just like the layers.
  • New: Right clicking on layer parameter labels gives you access to a context menu to copy HTTP API URLs to control individual parameters.
  • New: Added a “Powered by mimoLive” layer.
  • Fixed: The Slideshow Source glitched on start.
  • Fixed: The PIP Window layer didn’t apply the dissolve transition for its shadow and had difficulties to switch between variants.
  • Fixed: The Copy-API-URL context menu entries only worked for the layer but not for a specific variant.
  • Fixed: mimoLive occasionally crashed when adding and removing a lot of layer variants.
  • Fixed: Preserve “dumb” quotes in the source code editor text field in the Automation layer making it easier to create Automation scripts.
  • Fixed: mimoLive occasionally crashed when working with Remote Control Surfaces.
  • Fixed: An audio click issue introduced in 5.10.1b3 was fixed.
  • Fixed: The AV Sync Source generated click sounds.
  • Fixed: The editing of in and out points of movie files with fractional frame rates didn’t work correctly.

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About mimoLive

mimoLive® is a professional live streaming software for Mac® that allows users to create high-quality live streams with its intuitive interface and advanced features such as multi-layer mixing, built-in graphics, replay and instant replay, green screen and advanced video effects. It supports a wide range of platforms including YouTube, Facebook and Twitch.

Experience the award-winning power and versatility of mimoLive with its Apple Design Award recognition. 

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Version 6.6b1 – December 2023 Important: Because we exchanged the software update mechanism, you need to manually download mimoLive from our website and replace the

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