mimoLive 5.8b1

What is new in this version?

Version 5.8b1 – July, 2020

Major New Features:

  • New: The mimoCall Output Destination enables mimoLive to mimoLive connections via Internet.
  • New: Create an individual audio mix to be sent back to the mimoCall caller for IFB like functionality.
  • New: Extended the commands for the Automation layer to include if-statements, variables and loops, enabling complex automation inside mimoLive.
  • Enhancement: Select the audio mix you want to send out through the Virtual Camera Output Destination.
  • New: Control PTZ enabled NDI cameras with the new PTZ Controller layer.
  • New: The PIP Window layer now animates between layer variants like the regular PIP layer.
  • New: A sparse filter option in the HTTP API allows to reduce the JSON response drastically to only the data needed.
  • Enhancement: Improved audio output for mimoCalls.
  • Enhancement: Extended the HTTP API to be able to update layer parameters via a GET command by adding ’update={}’ to the URL.
  • Enhancement: Some UI enhancements.

Important Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed: The Last Recording Source wasn’t reliable restored after loading a document.
  • Fixed: The Fullscreen Output destination didn’t switch itself off properly when the associated display was disconnected.
  • Fixed: mimoLive crashed when trying to record a mimoCall video source with a File Recording Output Destination but the mimoCall wasn’t connected.
  • Fixed: In rare cases mimoLive crashed when working with a fixed layout in the Multiview Panel.
  • Fixed: Rare crash when using the Virtual Camera plugin.

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About mimoLive

mimoLive® is a professional live streaming software for Mac® that allows users to create high-quality live streams with its intuitive interface and advanced features such as multi-layer mixing, built-in graphics, replay and instant replay, green screen and advanced video effects. It supports a wide range of platforms including YouTube, Facebook and Twitch.

Experience the award-winning power and versatility of mimoLive with its Apple Design Award recognition. 

Latest stable version

mimoLive 6.2

Version 6.2 December, 2022 Important:If your document contains custom Audio Mixes, you need to open the document with this mimoLive version, check the custom Audio

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