mimoLive 2.1 now available

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2016 06 07 101006574

Delivering on the promise of quick updates with cool new features, mimoLive 2.1 is now available for download.

New in mimoLive 2.1

  • All new weather forecast and map for endless fun in the classroom
  • The video switcher layer now has 8 video sources and “layers below” for a total of 9 possible outputs
  • Text Source: Creates basic images with text and background that can be used in any layer
  • Added encoder stats to the Streaming Status window and cleaned up the window
  • Layers that work on “layers below” will actually show the real content in the preview if available
  • Presenter-2D layer now can crop source B horizontally in oder to have 4:3 sources displayed correctly in 16:9 productions

In addition to that, version 2.1 includes many small improvements and fixes annoying bugs.

Download the latest mimoLive®

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