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Non-Profit License

For Private Users​

This license is exclusively for private, non-business and individual usage. Only individuals are allowed to use this license.  Any institutions and organisations must purchase at least a Studio licence.
It is not allowed to generate any kind of monetization or income, private or professional.

What's new in mimoLive 6?

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mimoLive 6 | Non-Profit

For individuals

mimoLive 6 | Non-Profit

For individuals
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License Guide

mimoLive Non-Profit

Authorized for:

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General license information


The subscription license model for mimoLive is based on our usage of the product. The license model divides the usage into two professional and one non-profit classes.

  • The non-profit license is only applicable for individuals.
  • The two professional licenses separate standard professional and broadcasting usage for mass media.

Please read our site carefully to choose the right license for you. If you have questions or want to change into a different category, please contact our sales team through sales@boinx.com for assistance and help. 

Your usage might change over time, so your license may need to change – in case you want to adjust your license, please contact the Boinx Team directly.


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