mimoLive 5.9

What is new in this version?

Version 5.9 December, 2020

Major New Features:

  • New: The new Split Screen layer now has controls for scaling and moving the sources to align content, rounded corners and custom layouts giving you unprecedented options. Also fixed the size of text labels.
  • New: mimoLive now can stream to Dacast’s streaming service Limelight.
  • New: Added context menus for easy access to API Endpoints or HTTP URLs for layer parameter of type switches, buttons and text input fields.
  • New: Added a placeholder image for mimoCalls waiting for connection.
  • New: PIP Window layer: Added new standard boarder styles to the PIP Window layer (rounded rect, oval, custom mode).
  • New: PIP Window layer: In Custom Mode you can use a mask and an overlay image to create your own border.
  • New: PIP Window layer: You can now rotate the window frame around the Y axis.
  • Enhancement: Updated mimoCall to improve stability and quality.
  • Enhancement: Updated the in-app help links to point to the new online documentation: https://mimolive.com/manual
  • Enhancement: Improved performance for the Web Browser Capture source.

Important Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed: In rare cases, mimoLive crashed when working with multiviews in the document window.
  • Fixed: When shutting down a mimoLive document sometimes an Audio Output Destination caused a crash.
  • Fixed: The Stop Watch layer ignored the font settings when using the “Center Delimiter” option.
  • Fixed: The Follow layer had unpredictable behaviour when the video source stopped.
  • Fixed: The Playlist Source didn’t play back every second audio if the X-Fade option was activated.
  • Fixed: The Playlist Source did not behave correctly if it was shown in a layer preview only.
  • Fixed: Under heavy CPU loads, mimoLive leaked memory when working with NDI sources, causing some crashes.
  • Fixed: A Movie source flickered when layers were switched on and off under certain conditions.
  • Fixed: Crash on macOS Big Sur when closing a document window.
  • Fixed: File recording failed if there where “/” or “:” in the file name. Those characters are now replaced by “_”.
  • Fixed: Working with Social Media Comments in more than one open document at a time caused comment duplication in the Comments layer.
  • Fixed: A rare crash when working with RTPS sources.
  • Fixed: A rare crash when logging into a Twitch account.
  • Fixed: Updated help links to the online documentation.
  • Fixed: Dragging multiple sources to the layer stack resulted in one layer only. Now there is one layer for each source.
  • Fixed: Sorting of multiple items in the Media Playlist source resulted in unexpected results or caused a crash.
  • Fixed: On MacBook Pro with two graphic cards running macOS Big Sur resulted in black video when automatic switching of graphics cards was enabled.
  • Fixed: The Web Browser Capture source had a memory leak which caused mimoLive to crash after a while.
  • Fixed: The Split Screen layer didn’t show the background image in Custom layout mode in the Program Out.

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mimoLive® is a professional live streaming software for Mac® that allows users to create high-quality live streams with its intuitive interface and advanced features such as multi-layer mixing, built-in graphics, replay and instant replay, green screen and advanced video effects. It supports a wide range of platforms including YouTube, Facebook and Twitch.

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