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Here are 4 ways in which mimoLive can help improve video production for your MOOC.

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Recently, I attended the ICEM 2017 conference in Naples, Italy, where I learned how MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) are transforming education by helping schools and universities to scale beyond the physical limitations of their brick and mortar facilities. A central component to MOOCs are videos, and mimoLive® can help you with those.

Here are 4 ways how mimoLive can improve your MOOC:

1. Reduce cost and production time

The biggest cost factor in creating video content is the post production. While the viewers seldom spot little mistakes and prefer authentic presentations over polished “corporate ads” for learning material, video producers are often tempted to overdo it and invest way too much effort into the final edit of a video. mimoLive uses a “live to tape” approach, that lets you switch camera perspectives, add graphical elements, even include your slides in real time while you perform your course. Ideally, after some practice, this eliminates the need for post production altogether while still providing a visually compelling video. mimoLive helps you to produce a lot of content quickly and cost effective.

2. Bring in the experts

So, the worlds leading expert in your field used to work at your university, but now she’s retired and moved to New Zealand. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to bring her in to your videos so that your students can benefit from her insights? mimoLive includes mimoCall™ system that lets you connect a remote camera and microphone, which can be just the internal camera and microphone of a modern laptop, via the internet. Much like Skype, but it shows up directly as an additional camera inside mimoLive where it is easy to include in your video in a compelling way. And you can even host multiple experts from different locations for a virtual panel discussion.

3. Experiment with different formats

There is no perfect format that fits every kind of content. Should you just get in front of the camera and talk? Should you show slides? Should you do a screencast? Does it make sense to use your tablet and draw on it? Should you send a diver into the aquarium to get up close and personal with the sharks? Should you interview an expert? Or be interviewed? Should students be able to ask you questions? Should your video be 5 minutes or 2 hours? Should you be sitting at your office desk or do you want to show pictures in your background using green screen? Should it be 360° video? Should it be landscape or portrait? mimoLive offers a vast tool box you can use to quickly experiment with whatever new format you think about.

4. Host live events on Facebook, YouTube and others

Students are much more engaged and learn better if they can interact with their teacher. In addition to producing your lesson content, you can easily host live events on Facebook, YouTube or your institutions proprietary live video platform using mimoLive.

How to get started?

mimoLive is easy to learn and use. To experiment and practise, use the built-in webcam of your Mac or attach an external USB camera which will give you more flexibility with positioning. Invest in a good microphone, as sound quality is more important than video quality. Finally, download the latest version of mimoLive and you’re ready to record your first video. Do you dare to also stream it live to Facebook or YouTube?

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