Virtual camera

Virtual cameras have become increasingly popular in the age of remote work and online learning. Essentially, virtual cameras allow users to create rich, overlaid environments where they can share content and their own image through a single webcam, without the need for clunky screen-sharing interfaces like those found on Zoom [1]. In this blog post, […]

mimoLive® 6.4 beta gets Zoom Superpower

zoom integration

mimoLive’s latest beta version, 6.4, offers an exciting new feature that allows direct interaction with Zoom Meetings. This feature makes it possible to create high-quality supersources from Zoom in FullHD 1080p resolution. With mimoLive, you can easily broadcast remote interviews with up to six participants, with high-quality audio and video. The software’s advanced graphic capabilities […]

How to Connect A Camera to your Computer for Live Streaming

In this article, we will introduce you step by step to how to use the camera as a webcam for your live streaming. Involve hardware and software. We will start at the computer and will go through the connection options you might have. Most people will find themselves with a laptop or desktop which has […]

10 things to avoid when live streaming

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There are several common mistakes that live streamers should try to avoid in order to create a professional and engaging experience for their audience. In this article, we will discuss some of these mistakes and provide tips on how to avoid them. By following these tips, you can create a much more successful and enjoyable […]

Prepare your studio and structure your live stream

Prepare Live Stream

Preparing and structuring your live stream can improve viewer engagement and make your stream more enjoyable for your audience. It can also increase your productivity and create a sense of community among your viewers. By preparing and structuring your live stream, you can create a professional and engaging experience for your audience.

What is a virtual webcam or virtual camera?

Virtual Webcam in Zoom

A virtual webcam (virtual camera) is a software-based (virtual) camera that simulates a physical webcam and allows the user to send video and audio to other applications or devices as if it were a real webcam. It can be used to provide video input to applications such as video conferencing software, live streaming platforms, or […]

What are lower thirds?

lowerthirds preview

Lower thirds is a term from the TV broadcast industry and describes graphical overlays that are typically displayed on the lower third portion of the screen during video productions. They usually contain text that identifies the name and title of a person or a topic being discussed, and can also include additional information such as […]

mimoLive 6

Watch the mimoLive 6 Demo: The new release is out now! The latest major release of mimoLive brings lots of new features. Changes Version 6.0 April, 2022 Important New scope of delivery for mimoLive 6 Studio & mimoLive 6 Broadcast: Now includes:– Sports Graphics package– ATEM Controller layer and – Lower Third Pack 1 Documents […]

Make your Church Livestream look awesome in 5 mins

Church Livestream

Are you wondering if your Church Livestream is not able to engage its audience and keep them interested? Though you might be speaking to a room full of people who hear you, it’s possible that not many are actually listening.