MacBookPro heat optimization for mimoLive

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Here you find some tips to get the best performance with a laptop running mimoLive.

Performance issues with MacBookPro

We figured that sometimes the turbo boost in the MacBookPro 2020 seems to create a heat issue. The deactivation of the turbo boost will limit the native processor speed and will avoid the unwanted heat to reach the thermal limit. The computer will reduce the performance once the thermal heat limit is reached, to avoid a meltdown of the inner computer parts.

Monitor your processor temperature and performance

For Intel® Macs® you can install an Intel Power Gadget which monitors power, frequency, temperature and utilization of your Intel® processors. You can run these monitors in the background while streaming. Once you experience a performance drop and might have a look at the monitors. If your laptop processor gets too hot, a safety program, the thermal throttling starts and prevents your laptop from ending in a meltdown.

intel power gadget

The thermal throttling will be noticeable by the Intel Power Gadgets levels. Especially the frequency will go down drastically to give the cooling system time to bring the temperature down.

The Inter® Power Gadget is free and can be found here:

We have experienced that issue with many laptops and a best practice advice is to prevent the laptop by cooling it down. This can be done passively with cooling packs or actively with additional cooling fans.

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