mimoLive 2.3b2: Use mimoLive as a camera in other Mac apps

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Hot on the heels of mimoLive 2.2 comes mimoLive 2.3b2 with a much requested feature: mimoLive can now be used as a camera in many OS X apps, including Skype and Google Hangout when used in Google Chrome.

(Due to platform security restrictions, you need to use a separate installer for this feature.)

This allows you to spice up your online presentations, webinars or your calls with info graphics, lower thirds, greenscreen and other gizmos.

Other improvements:

  • Import FMLE configuration files provided by streaming service providers to make streaming setup even easier
  • Twitter layer now displays images and has a new look
  • Streaming to services based on Akamai should now work

Download mimoLive 2.3b2…

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