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2017 03 20 170931960

Starting with version 2.8.1, mimoLive is changing the way it adapts to changing bandwidth when it’s streaming live which will greatly improve the reliability of streams and performance in low resource situations. We’ve also updated the streaming info panel to give you more sensible information about the status of your stream.

mimoLive now adapts to having less bandwidth than required by trying to decrease the stream bit rate while keeping the frame rate by increasing the compression. Only if this is still not enough, will it also reduce the frame rate.

The streaming info panel is now showing you information about the bandwidth to the streaming ingest server that is actually available. This can differ significantly from the nominal capacity of your local internet connection, either because of load on the local access or because your service provider has a poor link to the network which hosts your streaming server. The panel also shows if bandwidth is sufficient to meet your settings and if not, it will show you how mimoLive deals with this. It will also give you more accurate information about the performance of the encoder. Previously, it falsely reported the encoder to be too slow when in fact the internet bandwidth wasn’t sufficient to deliver all the data to your streaming server.

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