Browser-based Remote Control

mimoLive can be controlled via mouse cursor, customised keystrokes, automation scripts, and browser-based Remote Control Surfaces.

You can create several Remote Control Surfaces to meet your needs. Each can be used individually at the same time. Create a Remote Control Surface for the editor in the studio to switch video sources and another one for the social media manager to add news headlines from their workation. Adding maximum freedom to directing your live video production. Access the remote control surfaces from browsers of any device within your local network and – with the help of a secure network tunnel – from your home office anywhere in the world.

Control your mimoLive project entirely remote, camera switching, operating lower thirds, keeping scores in a sports live stream – everything you need at your fingertips. Get visual feedback about the states of layers, even monitor the final program out on your remote control surface.

mimoLive - Addon - iPad Remote Surface


mimoLive Tutorial: Remote Control Surfaces

Watch this tutorial to learn how to use it:



Setup mimoLive for remote control

In order to be able to host a remote control, you need to start a webserver on your mac.

  1. Access the main preference menu of mimoLive.
  2. Navigate to the tab Remote Control
  3. Activate Allow Remote Control Access
  4. mimoLive is ready now, and you can start to create your first remote control surface

mimoLive Preferences Remote Control


Working with Remote Control Surface

To open the mimoLive Remote Control Surface on the same machine, click the Open in Browser button in the Remote Control preferences or click on the toolbar button in a certain mimoLive document window:

After you open the Remote Control in an internet browser of your choice you can choose which mimoLive document you want to control:

mimoLive Remote Controls

If you open the Remote Control Interface of a certain document for the first time, you will be prompted to create a new control surface:

mimoLive Remote Controls Create

After the creation of a control surface, you are presented with an empty grid which you can use to create your personal layout of buttons:


Adding a Button

In the Add Button column on the left, choose a layer from your document for which you want to add control buttons to your Remote Control Surface. As an example, we chose the “Video Switcher Layer”:doc:video-switcher . Now you will see different layouts this specific layer provides:

Drag a layout of your choice from left to right onto the Remote Control Surface:

You can add more buttons to the surface with the “+ Add Button” menu in the top left corner.

Edit Action Button

To change properties of each button you can select the action gear icon on that specific button to bring up the Edit Action Button panel:

To make the button easier to recognise, you can now give it a title, choose the background color and add an icon.

If you want to make it bigger, you can set the Height and Width of the button.

The Actions list lets you choose the actions the button will perform when pressed.

The Live State Indicator let you select a layer or video source to show the live state.

With Source Preview, you can select a video source of the mimoLive document to display a thumbnail from. Please note that this option affects the overall performance of mimoLive!

Setting up a Button to Trigger Multiple Actions

The most powerful feature of the Remote Control Surface is the ability to have a button trigger multiple actions, for example, to turn on a specific lower third each time you switch to a certain camera in the switcher or to turn off several layers and turn on other layers when ending a show.

To add an additional action, click on Add Action in the Edit Action Button panel seen above. To remove an action you no longer need, press the “x” next to it.

Deleting a Button

To delete a button you need to click the action gear icon of that button to reveal the Edit Button Action panel. At the bottom of this panel, you’ll find the delete button. To keep you from accidentally deleting a button, you have to confirm the deletion a second time.

Using the Remote Control Surface

After you have modified the control surface to your convenience, you can enter Live Mode on the top right of the screen. A click (or tap) on a button triggers the associated action in mimoLive.

Using Multiple Remote Control Surfaces

You can use more than one Remote Control Surface at the same time for one document. This allows you to distribute tasks among a team of editors. In a school, for example, you could have one student control the switcher, one the audio, one the graphics and lower thirds.

You can also use the same Remote Control Surface on multiple devices at the same time. Changes to one instance of the Remote Control Surfaces will automatically and instantly be propagated over all instances. This is especially useful for updating the Remote Control Surface when the layer stack in the mimoLive document is changed.

Adjusting the Remote Control Surface

If you want to change the appearance of the Remote Control Surface you need to switch to edit mode and click on the action gear next to the title of it at the top. You will get an overlay window with several options to adjust the title, size and font size of the Remote Control Surface.

Renaming a Remote Control Surface

If you want to have a nice name for your Remote Control Surface you can rename it in edit mode by clicking on the action gear next to the title at the top. You will get an overlay window where you can change the title.

Changing the Size of a Remote Control Surface

If you need more space for even more buttons on your Remote Control Surface you can change the size of it by clicking on the action gear next to the title of your surface on top (please make sure you are in edit mode). You will get an overlay window which gives you the option to resize the Remote Control Surface by clicking on the + and – buttons. Please note that you can’t make it smaller if there is a button in the area. Please delete those buttons first.

Deleting a Remote Control Surface

To delete a Remote Control Surface you need to switch into edit mode, click on the action gear next to the title at the top and click twice on “Delete Control Surface” in the appearing window.

Remote Control App on iOS

If you want to use the Remote Control Surfaces on iOS devices, there are two ways:

1. Open the URL in Safari or Chrome as described above
2. Use the mimoLive Remote App from the App Store

mimoLive Remote App for iOS

Download the mimoLive Remote App from the App Store.

Using mimoLive Remote App

When you start the mimoLive Remote App, it will look for running instances of mimoLive on the same network as your iOS device:

Select the mimoLive instance you want to control. After that, the app behaves just like the web-based remote control app.

Remote Access via Internet

As the Remote Control Surfaces are enabled by a webserver built into mimoLive, remote access to mimoLive from anywhere on the Internet could be enabled by giving the mimoLive computer a public IP number. For security reasons, however, this is a very bad idea. A better way to use the Remote Control Surface via public network is to establish a secure tunnel to your mimoLive host computer using ngrok.


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