Understanding mimoLive: Layer Concept for Live Video Broadcasts

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If you’re looking to take your live broadcasts from simple to spectacular, you’re in the right place. Today, we’re diving into mimoLive’s key layers that can transform your video content. By the end of this post, you’ll understand how to use Lower Thirds, Video Switcher, and Audio Only Layers to create dynamic, professional-quality broadcasts. Ready to elevate your live video game? Let’s get started!

Understanding mimoLive Layers

mimoLive is a powerful tool for live streaming, and its layering system is at the heart of its capabilities. Layers in mimoLive allow you to organize and manage different elements of your broadcast, such as text, images, video, and audio. Think of layers as the building blocks of your video. By stacking and arranging these layers, you create the final output that your audience sees, known as the program output.

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mimoLive’s Layer Concept

The Layer Stack in mimoLive lets you drag and drop layers to rearrange them easily. The topmost layers appear in the foreground, while the lower layers form the background. This setup is perfect for seamlessly overlaying graphics, text, and other media elements. To make a layer visible, simply click the Live button. Depending on its position, a layer may cover or be covered by other layers.

Watch our Layer Tutorial

Adding Lower Thirds Layer

Lower Thirds are essential for adding text overlays to your broadcast, such as names, titles, or additional information. To add a Lower Thirds Layer, go to the ‘Layer Stack’ panel, click on the ‘+’ icon, and select ‘Lower Third’ from the list. You’ll find several variants of the lower third layer. Customize the text, font, color, and animation to suit your needs. This layer helps provide important context to your viewers, like detailed information about a person’s role or title.

Exploring the Video Switcher Layer

The Video Switcher Layer is crucial for live broadcasts where you need to switch between multiple video sources seamlessly. Start by adding two or more video sources to a mimoLive document—these can be pre-recorded videos, camera feeds, screen captures, or any other type of video source. Add the switcher layer to the Layer Stack and make sure it’s on top. Configure the Source Count setting and assign your video sources accordingly. You can control the output of the switcher layer using assigned keyboard shortcuts.

For advanced users, mimoLive Remote Control Surface offers a browser-based remote control for even more flexibility.

Advanced Video Switcher Features

The Video Switcher Layer offers advanced features like creating Layer Variants and assigning backgrounds for each source. Layer Variants allow you to use different settings within the same layer, providing flexibility for various broadcast scenarios. You can also add backgrounds and use AI object recognition for transparency effects, making your broadcast visually compelling.

The “layers below” source setting is another powerful feature, enabling complex compositions by incorporating other layers into the switcher.

Enhancing Audio with Audio Only Layers

Audio is just as important as visuals in a broadcast. The Audio Only Layer lets you add background music, sound effects, or voice-overs. In mimoLive, layers that transport audio have an audio level controller next to the Live button, making it easy to manage audio sources. Add Audio Only layers to the Layer Stack, assign the audio source, and set the layer to Live state. The Audio Monitor feature ensures that the audio is output correctly to your stream.

For complex audio setups, mimoLive’s audio mix feature allows you to route audio signals effectively.


With mimoLive’s Lower Thirds, Video Switcher, and Audio Only Layers, you can significantly enhance the quality and professionalism of your broadcasts. These tools provide the flexibility and control needed to create engaging, dynamic live videos. Ready to transform your broadcasts? Watch our full tutorial for step-by-step guidance and start creating stunning live content today!

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