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mimoLive 6.8.1 released

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Streamlining Your Broadcasting Experience

mimoLive, the beloved live video production software, has just rolled out its latest update, version 6.8.1, bringing a host of exciting new features and fixes that enhance functionality and user experience. Whether you’re a seasoned broadcaster or just starting out, these updates are sure to improve your streaming capabilities. Here’s a detailed look at what’s new and improved in the June 2024 release.

Enhanced Drag & Drop Support

A standout feature in this update is the new drag and drop support for URLs from Safari directly into mimoLive. This addition simplifies the process of creating a Web Browser Source within your project. Now, you can easily integrate live web content into your streams by simply dragging a URL from Safari straight into the mimoLive interface, enhancing the interactivity and dynamism of your broadcasts.

Precision Layer Control

The update addresses a crucial issue with Layer Set Recall. Previously, users experienced inaccuracies with layers not switching on or off correctly within the same frame. The latest fix ensures that switching layers on and off is now seamless and precise, allowing for smoother transitions and a more controlled broadcasting experience.

Improved File Recording Outputs

For those who rely on recording their streams, version 6.8.1 introduces significant improvements to File Recording Output Destinations. You can now set the data rate and key frame interval when using the HEVC video encoder, giving you more control over the quality and efficiency of your recorded content.

Constant Bit Rate Streaming and More

Further enhancing its streaming capabilities, mimoLive 6.8 introduced the ability to set video streams of Live Stream Output Destinations to a constant bit rate (CBR), ensuring stable and consistent quality across your broadcasts. Additionally, the ability to lock the size of a Web Browser Source prevents accidental resizing during live production, maintaining the visual consistency of your stream.

Zoom Integration and API Enhancements

The integration with Zoom has been deepened with new functionalities. A notable new feature is a button to request recording permission directly from the Zoom Meeting host—vital for including Zoom video and audio in your broadcasts without disruptions. Moreover, the update includes numerous new HTTP API calls to control a Zoom Meeting, significantly expanding what you can manage remotely.

User Interface and Stability Enhancements

mimoLive 6.8 also focused on user interface improvements making the document window cleaner and more intuitive. Stability enhancements ensure that mimoLive won’t crash when quitting if a Zoom Meeting is still in progress, addressing a previously common frustration among users.

Fixes and Fine-Tuning

Additional fixes in the update ensure a smoother user experience. These include resolving issues with QR-Code sources causing crashes on macOS Catalina, improving the functionality of the detachment window of multiline text inputs, and restoring the operation of media controls in the layers parameter column.


The mimoLive 6.8.1 update is packed with features and fixes that streamline the broadcasting process, enhance user interface, and improve integration with tools like Zoom. These developments make mimoLive an even more robust and user-friendly platform for live video production. Whether you’re a professional broadcaster or a passionate amateur, the new features in mimoLive 6.8.1 are designed to provide a more reliable, efficient, and enjoyable streaming experience.

Version 6.8.1 – June, 2024

  • New: Added Drag&Drop support for dragging URLs from Safari. This will create a Webbrowser Source.
  • Fix: When switching layers on and off with Layer Set Recall, the layers didn’t switch on or off accurately on the same frame.
  • Fix: File Recording Output Destination wouldn’t allow setting the data rate or the key frame interval if the video encoder was set to HEVC.

Version 6.8 – June, 2024

  • New: The video stream of a Live Stream Output Destination can be set to a constant bit rate (CBR).
  • New: The size of a Web Browser Source can now be locked.
  • New: Added a button to request the recording permission from the Zoom Meeting host. (Without this permission, there won’t be any video or audio from Zoom in mimoLive)
  • New: Added lots of new HTTP API calls to control a Zoom Meeting.
  • Enhancement: Updated NDI SDK to version 6.0.1.
  • Enhancement: Did some UI work to make the document window look cleaner.
  • Fix: Ensured that mimoLive won’t crash when quitting if a Zoom Meeting is still in progress.
  • Fix: QR-Code source caused mimoLive to crash on macOS 10.5.7 Catalina.
  • Fix: The detachment window of a multiline text input now works as expected.
  • Fix: Made the Media Controls in the layers parameter column work again.

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