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Streaming with multiple cameras significantly enhances your streaming experience and production quality — from hosting interviews to streaming music jams and product showcases. Learn through this article, how you can easily set up multi cam live streaming all with just a one-person crew.
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The availability of low-cost broadcast equipment and video streaming platforms has opened many doors to organizations of all kinds and sizes, who can produce and broadcast live content easily.

Multi cam live streaming makes video content more exciting to watch. Just watch carefully any professional broadcast on TV or any film, you see many camera angles. The scene tends to cut between multiple different video sources. Likewise, with a live streaming studio software like mimoLive, it’s easier to stream live video, whether it is multi-camera or multi-platform streaming of your content. In this article, we’ll consider one particular approach to multi cam live streaming.

What is multi cam live streaming?

Multi cam live streaming is when you capture what’s happening with several cameras and switch between them. It makes your broadcasts more engaging and interesting than a one-camera stream and also saves your time, as you don’t have to make transitions or compile scenes. During your live stream, you switch between multiple cameras in real-time or even combine different angles so your viewers can visualize the full scope of the scene.

Multi cam live streaming is very useful for any individual or organization, who wants to make its video content more exciting. Most professional news broadcasts usually use at least three cameras with the following angles:

  • A wide shot that shows the entire scene
  • A medium shot that shows both hosts and their desk
  • A tight shot that shows the head-and-shoulders of each host individually

This allows the broadcaster to switch in real-time between different views. The wide shot can be used to “establish” a setting and help the viewer orient themselves. The medium shots are ideal for interactions between multiple people. And the tight shots capture the emotion and allow for one person to take center stage.

Where is multi cam live streaming used?

Here is a shortlist of the use cases of multi cam live streaming for video content creation:

  • Virtual events and conferences. Despite recurring worldwide lockdowns, people are still eager to learn new things, share their experiences, and meet new people. Using multiple cameras for these events helps viewers feel connected and able to participate in what’s happening.
  • Leraning tutorial live streams. It is impossible to show the viewer all the action in detail when streaming with just one camera. Multi-camera angles allow teachers to show their craft in a detailed techniques to facilitate the explanations with ease.
  • Music live streams. Bands and solo performers alike often use multi-camera setups to highlight their unique images, venues, and instruments. Multiple cameras help in attracting more people to a performance by showing many cool details. Multi cam live streaming is also useful for music teachers to demonstrate instrumental techniques.
  • Religious services and gatherings. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, churches around the world have experienced a decline in attendance. Therefore, many began to interact with their congregations through social networks, and especially through live streaming. In most cases, this requires a couple of cameras to get a meaningful picture.
  • Workout live streams. A trainer demonstrates a movement with the multi-camera setup showing different angles during live streaming without the need to compile the footage.
  • Online sales. Online sales look more professional when broadcasted from different angles, thus attracting more potential clients. It helps the viewers to understand the product better and enhances the chance of a sale.

How to set up multi cam live streaming

The fundamental tool for creating a multi cam live streams is a powerful video switcher. In the old days of analog television, the switcher was a super-expensive hardware device capable of switching several video camera feeds. Back in these days, a live reportage from a remote location was a big headache for every production team.
Modern computers can do this job easily and add a high value to every live production.

Multi Cam Live Streaming with mimoLive
mimoLive’s Video Switcher Layer and Preview Window

Keep in mind these simple steps while you are setting up your studio for multi cam live streaming.

  1. Multiple Cameras for a high diversity of shot types from the scene.
  2. Connect the cameras to your Mac® through HDMI Grabber, like this cool Magewell® USB Capture HDMI 4K Plus
  3. mimoLive gives you a professional video switcher and encoder for Mac control your cameras and a microphone in one hub.

Create multi cam live streaming with mimoLive

The Video Switcher layer in mimoLive can take up to 9 video sources and switch between them with either a cut or dissolve transition. Because in mimoLive the input sources are independent of the program output it doesn’t matter which pixel resolution or fps the individual sources have: The Video Switcher layer can transition between them anyways.

First of all, you should set up the ‘Source Count’ in the Control section of the layer settings. If you are using fewer cameras this will help to reduce the controls and buttons in the user interface. Then you can assign the video sources by dragging them onto the layer in the ‘Layer Stack’ or select them in the Content section of the layers settings. By default, the preview of the layer shows the names of each source for better orientation. You can override the names with the “Source Name“s text input fields. A ‘Transition Duration’ input field lets you control the time it takes to perform the dissolve transition.

We hope this is enough information on various aspects of multi cam live streaming for now and it helps you to create professional and interesting content for the audience.

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