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Sources (Input)

Table of Contents

Sources Overview

mimoLive organizes sources like video devices, audio devices, static images, multimedia files, presentations in one place.
Input Sources of all types are listed in the left column of your mimoLive document window.

mimoLive supports the following sources:

Sources Repository

Sources in mimoLive documents are stored in the Sources Repository, which is the very left column of the mimoLive document window.
In a blank mimoLive document you will find a single camera source by default.

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Adding new sources to the mimoLive document

Clicking the + icon in the heading of the sources repository opens the sources drop-down menu.

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Adding effects/filters to the sources

Clicking the fx icon in the area of a source opens the effects/filter drop-down menu.
Navigate your mouse cursor to a source will change the visibility of the fx icon.

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