What is a Color LUT?

LUTs are the quickest way to grade your video footage. They can be understood as complex color filters or color grading effects. A LUT is a way to manipulate the entire color spectrum of the video footage. A LUT can be used to combine multiple color modifications in one step.

Color LUT Filter in mimoLive

In mimoLive® Color LUT is a video filter effect and be accessed via the fx button or via right-click on a video source.

There are several LUTs already included in mimoLive to give direct access to some great looks. You can apply several LUTs to the same video/image source.

LUTs included in mimoLive

  • 1970s Art
  • Candy
  • Color Key Red
  • Desaturate Low and High
  • Sci-Fi Green
  • Sepia
  • Teal and Orange
  • Washed Out
  • Western Orange

Using custom LUTs in mimoLive

Import your LUT PNG into your mimoLive document first. Navigate to the source which should get the LUT applied. Access the options menu with a right-click on the source and choose “Add filter…” and Color LUT.
Set the Color LUT dropdown menu to “Custom LUT” and choose your LUT PNG. The LUT should now be applied to your image/video source.

h3.Custom Color LUT Filter

mimoLive uses a 512 × 512 pixel-sized PNG file that represents the color lookup table. This is a common standard in some software applications.

mimoLive does not support the direct import of CUBE or 3DL files but follow these few steps to create a LUT PNG for your CUBE or 3DL files.

Create your custom LUT PNG for mimoLive

  1. Download this Neutral LUT PNG image. neutral-color-lut.png.zip
    Neutral Color LUT
  2. Open the Neutral LUT PNG image in an editor app.
  3. Do the color manipulation as you like.
  4. Save the file as an ordinary PNG file.
  5. Load this LUT PNG file into the mimoLive document
  6. Open the Color LUT filter settings and make sure to switch the Color LUT option to “Custom”
  7. Select the newly imported PNG file as the Custom LUT image below the popup.

Create your custom LUT PNG from CUBE or 3DL files with Adobe® Photoshop®

  1. Download this Neutral LUT PNG image. neutral-color-lut.png.zip
    Neutral Color LUT
  2. Open the Neutral LUT PNG image in Photoshop®.
  3. First select ‘Layer’ from the top menu, then ‘New Adjustment Layer’, and then finally select ‘Color Lookup…’. This should create a new layer above the neutral LUT layer.
  4. Select the color lookup layer and go to properties. In the dropdown select ‘Load 3D LUT…”. Browse for the CUBE/3DL LUT file you wish to convert.
  5. The neutral layer should now look different. The next step is to save the image as an uncompressed PNG. Save the file as if you were saving a standard Photoshop file, but instead of saving it as a PSD save it as a PNG.
  6. You have now converted your CUBE/3DL LUT file to a PNG image. Follow our guide here to learn how to use the image LUT in mimoLive.


Example of an invert effect with a LUT

Neutral LUT and Inverted LUT

Invert Color LUT


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