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Documents and Templates

Table of Contents

mimoLive is a document-based application. mimoLive projects are saved into a single document file. The file extension is .tvshow for mimoLive documents. External media files can either be saved entirely into the document or only a reference path to the external media. This option can be changed individually, by default it saves a copy into the document.

Documents store all the settings for your show.
Templates are documents that you can re-use. If you open a template, a new version will be created and your changes will apply only to that file.

Creating a New Document

When you launch mimoLive, you will be presented with the “New Document Window”.

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Here you can either choose your recently used documents (on the right-hand side) or create a new document.

To create a new document, first select the template you want your document to be based on. The most basic template is called “Blank” and only holds one camera. Using this template you can start from scratch. The template menu will also contain the templates you created yourself.

The next choice is the frame rate of your document. By default, mimoLive detects your location and sets either 25 frames (e.g. for Europe) or 30 frames (e.g. for the US). If your use case requires a different frame rate, feel free to adjust it in the menu.

The last choice is the document dimension. mimoLive comes with 16:9 HD and SD presets. Choose either 720p HD, 1080p HD, PAL SD or NTSC SD. For portrait/vertical orientation, mimoLive provides the correction dimensions, according to HD presets. mimoLive is not limited to standard resolutions and can handle anything to 8K UHD+ 7680 × 7680.

Once you made your choices, click “Create new document”.

Using Multiple Documents at the Same Time

mimoLive supports running more than one document at a time. This allows you to set up different documents for recording and for streaming.

Creating Your Own Templates

Using templates is very useful if you run the same show many times and need the same sources and layers, but wish to change details such as names in Lower Thirds.

When you create a template of your show you can be assured that your work won’t be easily destroyed or overwritten. For example, if you are working in a school with kids you don’t have to worry about them making unwanted changes to the default document. When they select a template to use, a copy is made that is unaffiliated with the template file. When it is saved it will ask for a new location and will not overwrite the template.

To create your own template:

  • Set up the document the way you want it to work.
  • Choose “Save as Template” from the File menu.
  • Give the template a name and save it.

It will now show up in the templates menu in the “New Document Window”.


Accessing Templates via Finder

Templates are stored in :

~/Library/Group Containers/6372P8EH2J.com.boinx.TVTemplates

Editing a Template

  • A template has the extension .tvtemplate.
  • Change it back to a normal document by changing the extension to .tvshow.
  • Open the document, change the things you want to change and save it again as a Template.

Sharing a Template

You can share a template by copying it from the Group Container (see call-out above) on your account to the same location on another account or another computer.

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