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Manual – Table of Content

Setting up mimoRack™

Table of Contents

If you purchased the mimoRack™ pre-assembled or built it yourself, there are a couple of tasks that need to be completed to get it up and running.

Installing the software

  1. Attach a display, keyboard and mouse to the mimoRack via the HDMI port at the back and the USB ports at the front or at the back.
  2. Turn the Mac mini on using the Power Switch to the right on the front panel.
  3. Complete the setup of MacOS. Signing into your iCloud account enables amazing features in MacOS but is not required for the mimoRack to fulfil its primary function.
  4. Download and install the latest Blackmagic Desktop Video Software from the Blackmagic website. Restart to complete the installation.
  5. Download the latest version of mimoLive® from the website and move it to the “Applications” folder.
  6. Copy the license installation link you received by email to the mimoRack. You can use AirDrop from another computer or, if you’re signed in to iCloud with the same Apple ID, use the Universal Clipboard to copy the link to your mimoRack.
  7. Launch mimoLive, then open the link with the browser and click on “Install” on the web page that opens. Your license key should now be installed.

Setting up remote access

You can remotely control the mimoLive Console from any other Mac using the “Screen Sharing” app. To activate this, go to the System Settings -> General -> Sharing and turn on “Screen Sharing”. You now can access your mimoLive Console from another Mac on the same network.

Screen Sharing works only after startup is completed

If interaction with the Mac is required during startup – like when you encrypt the local harddrive and a password needs to be entered to unlock it before startup can be finished, you will need access to a physical display, keyboard and mouse.
Other remote management systems, such as Splashtop, offer a more complete remote access solution.

Connecting mimoRack to your switcher

To get started with mimoLive as a Playout engine, connect two SDI cables to the SDI connectors of the Blackmagic card in the back. Connect them to the key and fill SDI ports on your mixer. Refer to your video mixer manual to determine the proper configuration for ingesting a signal via key/fill. If you can select a mode, set it to “premultiplied”.

For more information on wiring and configuration, see Blackmagic SDI playout.

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