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Video Delay

Table of Contents

Sync Your Audio and Video with Ease: Using the Video Delay Filter in mimoLive

Synchronizing audio and video is critical for producing high-quality content, but there may be occasions where the audio and video are out of sync. In such cases, you can use the Video Delay filter to delay the video frames on a frame duration basis. The filter provides a preview of the current video frame on the left and the delayed video frame on the right, enabling you to easily adjust the delay time. Additionally, the filter displays a representation of all currently buffered video frames, giving you an overview of the delay’s effect on the entire video.

Avoid a high Delayed Frame count

All the frames that are in the buffer are stored in the graphics card. If your graphics card doesn’t have enough memory to store all the frames you requested those frames get transferred back to the RAM of your computer causing high impact to the CPU performance. Running out of video RAM may cause the app to crash.

To learn more about how to use this Video Delay filter in order to bring audio and video back in sync read the detailed description of the Audio Sync Meter layer.

Video delay

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