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Manual – Table of Content

Layer Overview

Table of Contents

mimoLive’s layers are a powerful tool that enables users to create stunning graphics, animations, and video placeholders. With a vast selection of layers available, users can easily produce TV-quality live shows and events with ease. Each layer serves a unique purpose, from displaying scores in sports events to adding breaking news banners to your stream. Moreover, Mimolive offers users the ability to create custom layers using Apple’s Quartz Composer technology, allowing for endless possibilities in creating unique graphics for any event.

professional live streaming

Advanced Setups for Scenes

In this article, we’ll give an overview of all layers available. Continue reading Layers, Settings and Variants for more advanced information about how to work with layers and how to create variants for scene setups and much more.

List of all mimoLive layers* (mimoLive 6)

Available Layer

Getting More Layers

In addition to the built-in layers, more layers are available through the Layer Store. Some, more specialized layers require additional purchases.

Custom Layers

Layers are based on Apple’s Quartz Composer technology. It is possible for you to create your own layers
following the Custom Layer API using Quartz Composer. It is also possible to hire Boinx Software to create special custom layers.

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