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Telestration using an iPad with Video Pencil

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Telestration, the process of digitally drawing or annotating on videos and images, adds a new dimension to visual storytelling. By combining the power of video editing with the creative freedom of hand-drawn art, Video Pencil makes it easy to create dynamic and engaging content.

With an intuitive interface and a wide variety of drawing tools, Video Pencil enables users to effortlessly sketch, draw, and annotate directly on their videos. This app is perfect for content creators looking to add a personal touch to their work, educators seeking to explain complex concepts with ease, or casual users wanting to enhance their video memories.

You can send your program output from mimoLive to Video Pencil on your iPad. The Video Pencil app sends back your drawing as a video with alpha channel so that you can super-impose it with a Placer layer on top of your layer stack.

For more information about how to use Video Pencil with mimoLive, check out the video tutorial by Michael Forrest, developer of Video Pencil.


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Video Pencil is available from the Squares.tv Website. More Info…

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