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mimoRack™ DIY

Table of Contents

Front 2 LT2 8337 1920c

The mimoRack™ is a 19″ 1 HU rack mountable system for using mimoLive as a graphics playout system to integrate with an SDI workflow using SDI key/fill output to a hardware production mixer.


Buying the mimoRack™ pre-assembled

In the US, you can order the mimoRack™ pre-assembled from Municipal Captioning Inc., including a multi-year mimoLive license and a 45 min one-on-one remote coaching session to get you started with mimoLive.
If you’re a reseller and would like to offer the mimoRack™ to your customers, please contact our sales department.

Use cases

  • Playout graphics
    • Standard broadcast graphics such as lower thirds, titles, stingers
    • Sport graphics, including team roster, scoring, timing, standings… (See Sports Graphics Package for more details)
    • Weather forecast
    • Stock charts, graphs and other business graphics
  • Zoom ISO – Join a Zoom Meeting and get individual particpants audio and video using the new Zoom Source.
  • Ultimatte to NDI – connect a Blackmagic Ultimatte for perfect chromakeying and output it as an NDI stream with alpha channel using the mimoLive Key & Fill source.


Front Open LT2 8342 1920ca

The mimoRack consist of 4 off-the-shelves hardware components:


Using other DeckLink cards give you slightly different uses for the mimoRack:

Assembling the mimoRack™

The Sonnettech xMac mini Server comes with a great User’s Guide explaining how to properly install the Mac Mini and the DeckLink cards.

Next Steps

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