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Multiple HMDI and/or SDI Inputs

Table of Contents

If you need more than one HDMI or SDI input, we recommend using an external Thunderbolt PCIe expander box and one or more Blackmagic PCI cards.


What about ATEM Mini?

The ATEM mini can only feed one input at a time to the Mac via USB C. This works fine and can be useful in some cases, but limits what you can do with mimoLive. The Expander box/card(s) combo is like the ATEM mini on steroids.

Thunderbolt PCIe Expander Boxes:

Blackmagic Design Cards:

SDI Key/Fill Playout

If you need SDI key/fill playout, you need to use a Blackmagic device that offers keying capabilities, like the UltraStudio models. See SDI Playout for more info.

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