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Manual – Table of Content

User interface overview

Table of Contents

mimoLive document window

Your virtual control room for your live video production. mimoLive provides several options to customize the appearance of the document window.

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1. Toolbar

The upper toolbar of the mimoLive document window contains several buttons:

2. Sources

The first column contains input and media sources, e.g. cameras, audio, video call-ins multimedia files, screen captures + more. You will create, configure and select all your audio and video sources here. You can configure video and audio inputs, as well as real-time video effects. Please read more about handling sources in the Sources and the Sources Repository page.

3. Layer Stack

The Layer Stack contains all elements which compose the final video, like cameras, video switcher, Audio Channels, PTZ camera control, camera placer, Lower Thirds, split views, Picture-In-Picture (PIP) and more. Please read more about working with Layers, Settings and Variants. The bottom section Layer Sets helps you to switch on and off multiple layers with one click.

4. Layer Preview

In the 3rd column, you see the preview of the layer and layer variant you selected in the Layer Stack. Below the preview, there are listed the options and parameters of that layer. Please read more about working with Layers, Settings and Variants.

5. Multiview

mimoLive supports several options for multiview setup. In this example, the multiview is displayed in column style. Read more Multiview.

6. Output Destinations

Output options for mimoLive as ISO File Recording, NDI® Broadcast, Live Streaming, Fullscreen Playout, playout to Blackmagic Design hardware. To learn more about the output options in mimoLive read the Output Destinations Overview.

5. Program Output

In the upper part of the right column, you see the final program output. Below the output, you see the controls for the program audio output. Please read Audio Output and Monitoring to learn about how audio is processed in mimoLive.

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