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Manual – Table of Content

360 filters

Table of Contents

mimoLive provides 3 filters for use with 360° video:

Video Filter NameDescription
360 Adjust CenterThis filter is able to readjust the center of an equirectangular video frame used in 360° video productions.
360 Little PlanetLittle Planets “ are the results of a special distortion of equirectangular video frames. It’s for the fun of it! 🙂
360 Theta S DeskewIf you use
a Theta S 360° camera by Ricoh you can use this filter to stitch the two half-dome video images produced by this camera together.

Using the Theta S with YouTube 360 Live Streaming

This tutorial contains a complete overview of the filters used with the Ricoh Theta S to create a live, 360° video stream via YouTube live:


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360 Adjust Center

When Producing 360° video there is always an area of interest you want your audience to focus on. This area should be in the center of your equirectangular video frame. If you can’t access the camera hardware to adjust the center by turning it to the right angle you can use this video filter to do so in mimoLive. The filter is also able to correct a misaligned horizon by rotating the 360° sphere around the specified center.


Equirectangular Video Frame Required

Please note that this filter only works with equirectangular Video Frames

360 Little Planet

This is a fun video filter: It projects an equirectangular video frame that way that it looks like a little planet. It works best if you are producing 360° video at an outside location and have a big sky above you.

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Equirectangular Video Frame Required

Please note that this filter only works with equirectangular Video Frames

360 Theta S Deskew

The Ricoh Theta S is an affordable, consumer-grade 360° camera. It provides a live video image via USB or HDMI. With firmware update v01.21, both video ports provide an HD video signal. However, the HDMI image isn’t stitched and contains 2 half domes from the fish eye lenses and needs deskewing. This filter is for deskewing (stitching) the video signal.


Why should I use the HDMI over the USB if the USB already provides a stitched and deskewed video? The USB video signal is more compressed than the HDMI one. It gets pixelated if there is a lot of motion in the image. The HDMI always produces the same quality. On the other hand, you will need to have HDMI capture hardware in order to bring the HDMI signal into mimoLive (e.g. Blackmagic Design UltraStudio Mini Recorder) and your computer will spend some CPU and GPU power on processing the image.

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