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Keyboard shortcuts

Table of Contents

Keyboard shortcuts are useful in controlling mimoLive while a show is running because you don’t need to scroll to a certain layer and select its variant in order to access a certain function.

Assigning Keyboard Shortcuts

You can assign keyboard shortcuts to switch cameras, trigger layers and to perform other operations. Most of the trigger buttons in mimoLive have got a Keyboard Shortcut Recorder right next to it. All keyboard shortcuts you record with this feature gets saved in your mimoLive document.

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To assign a certain keyboard shortcut to a button you click on the “Record Shortcut” button. It turns red and shows “Type Shortcut” to indicate that the button is waiting for you to hit the keyboard shortcut combination you want to assign now.

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Choosing the keyboard combination

You can have keyboard shortcuts that consist of a single key or a combination of the modifier keys (⌘, ⌥, ⇧, ctrl) plus a key. Single keys are easy to remember and quick to access. However, they may get in your way if you want to enter data and didn’t commit an input field. On the other hand, more complex keyboard shortcuts are often hard to accomplish and should be used if a 3rd party hardware or software is simulating the keyboard strokes.


You are able to use the same keyboard shortcut combination in multiple locations. E.g. you are able to trigger two layers at the same time.


Cancel the keyboard shortcut recording

You can cancel the keyboard shortcut recording operation by clicking on the “revoke” icon on the right: The previous keyboard shortcut is restored.

When your keyboard shortcut has been successfully recorded the recorder shows the appropriate shortcut. With the “x” button you can delete the keyboard shortcut. Clicking on the keyboard shortcut allows you to record a new one.

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Keyboard Shortcuts provided by mimoLive

mimoLive brings a lot of predefined keyboard shortcuts with it.

General Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard ShortcutAction
⌘A Select all. Works in input fields. Because mimoLive only supports single selected layers or sources this has no effect on the document itself.
⌘M Minimize the mimoLive document window to the doc.
⌘Z Undo the last operation
⇧⌘Z Redo the last revoked operation
⌘C Copy the currently selected item to the pasteboard. Can be used to copy/paste layers as well.
⌘X Cut the current selection and store it on the pasteboard.
⌘V Paste the current content of the pasteboard to the current key focus. May be used to copy/paste layers as well.
⌘S Save the frontmost document.
⇧⌘S Save the document at a different location and/or with a different name. You will be prompted with the standard file saving dialog to select a location and a new name.
⌘O Open an existing mimoLive document. It will bring up the standard file chooser.
⌘N Create a new mimoLive document.
⌘W Close the frontmost window. (This may be a different window than the main mimoLive document window. To close the front most mimoLive document window use ⇧⌘W)

Special Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard ShortcutAction
⇧⌘A Add a media file to the Source Library.
⌥⌘R Open the Recent Recordings Window
⇧⌘R Open the Render Performance Monitor Window
⌘R Start the Show. (see Start/Stop Show Button)
⌘B Start Full Screen Playout
⌘2 Toggle the visibility of the Source Library

Keyboard Shortcuts For Working With Layers

See Layers, Settings and Variants to learn how to work with layers in mimoLive.

Keyboard ShortcutAction
⌘L Switch on or off the currently selected layer. (see Layers, Settings and Variants)
⌘D Duplicate the currently selected layer. (see Layers, Settings and Variants)
⌘⌫ Delete the currently selected layer. (see Layers, Settings and Variants)
⌘⏎ Collapse the variants of a layer in the layer stack.
⌘↑ Select layer above
⌘↓ Select layer below

Keyboard Shortcuts For Working With Layer Variants

See Layers, Settings and Variants to learn how to work with layer variants in mimoLive.

Keyboard Short CutAction
⌘⏎ Collapse the variants of a layer in the layer stack. (see Layers, Settings and Variants)
⌘+ Duplicate the currently selected layer variant. (see Layers, Settings and Variants)
⌥⌘⌫ Delete the currently selected layer variant.
⌘→ Select next layer variant.
⌘← Select previous layer variant.

Using Keyboard Shortcuts for Automation

There are quite a number of hardware devices and software packages that can “simulate” pressing keys to remote control another Application and implement automation. We recommend using rather complex keyboard shortcuts with multiple modifier keys (⌘, ⌥, ⇧, ctrl) plus a key so that those won’t be accidentally hit by a user on the keyboard and they don’t interfere with other functions of the system.


Remote Control Surfaces and HTTP API

There is a powerful mechanism in mimoLive for remote control: Remote Control Surfaces and the HTTP API which may make a “keyboard simulation” obsolete.

Using AppleScript to control mimoLive

Using AppleScript directly to control mimoLive is currently not supported.
However, you have two options to control mimoLive with AppleScript:

  • You can use AppleScript to trigger keyboard shortcuts. You need to record the same keyboard shortcuts in the keyboard shortcut recorder as described above. See the following example of how this works:
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  • You can trigger a “curl” terminal command with “do shell script” AppleScript command. See Examples of API usage to learn more.

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