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What is interlacing?

Video interlacing was a widely used technique to increase the frame rate of video signals without the need for additional bandwidth. Instead of transmitting all pixel information for each frame, interlacing would transmit every second pixel line of each video frame, but with double the frame count. While this technique was widely used in the past, many modern video processing systems, like mimoLive, are designed to work with full frames. This means that if you’re working with a video source that uses interlacing, you may need to deinterlace the video to ensure that it is processed correctly.

What is Deinterlacing?

Deinterlacing is the process of reconstructing a full frame from an interlaced video signal, and can help to ensure that your video is processed correctly and looks as good as possible.

How to handle interlaced video sources in mimoLive?

Because mimoLive is processing video in full frames you may need to deinterlace video sources if they only can provide an interlaced video signal.

Depending on the video content there are several options to deinterlace the video frame:

  • Even Field: This option doubles the even field lines in each frame. This works for all content however it cost image information.
  • Simple Blend: The even and the odd lines blend together. The result may look blurry but contains all the color information
  • Smart Blend: The even and odd fields are only blended if the contrast suggests that there was movement between those frames. This option keeps the details but may fail for big movements.

Video frame before deinterlacing:

Deinterlace Video
0a9d19b2 5955 4817 8127 ce256f1a0d34

Because we are running the filter “one pass” only don’t expect high quality in the output. Also, the frame rate is half of the original video signal.

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