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Recording Powerpoint or Keynote

Table of Contents

When recording presentations, it is often necessary to record a presentation off of the presenters’ computer. The advantage of doing this compared to adding the presentation in post production is obvious:

  • You can live stream the presentation including the slides
  • You get properly timed slides matching the talk
  • You save a lot of time

.h2 Recording the projector signal
If the presenter computer is already hooked up to a projector, it could be fairly easy to grab the signal from the projector and input that into mimoLive using a video grabber.

Many projectors already have a video out. In this case just connect the video out to a grabber device on your Mac using the proper cable.

If the projector doesn’t have a video out, you can use a video splitter to split the video signal at the presenter computer.

.h3 Extending the cable length
Please note that all the computer monitor cables (VGA, DVI, HDMI) have fairly short maximum length. To get around this, use an extender. There are several technologies available. Some event AV companies already have the needed equipment as they have the same problem running the signal from the computer on stage to the projector in the back.

.h3 Capturing the video signal
These devices provide easy to use video grabbing for video signals from a presenter computer.
* Epiphan AV.io (
* Epiphan VGA2USB (VGA)
* Epiphan DVI2USB3 (DVI)
* Blackmagic Design Mini Recorder (HDMI only)
* Magewell USB Capture HDMI (HDMI only)

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