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Manual – Table of Content

Connecting mimolive to zoom

Table of Contents

Read the main article about the Zoom® Meeting Source in mimoLive.

Using mimoLive with Zoom gives you a lot of advantages: More control over what the audience sees, use of external cameras, introducing audio and visual effects and more.

Of course, Zoom is not the only platform that you can connect mimoLive to. In large parts, this document can also be applied to Microsoft Teams, GoToMeeting/GoToWebinar, Jitsi, Webex and more. (In some cases, you will have to use the web client in Chrome to be able to use the Virtual Camera).

This section has two sub-sections:

  • Sending Audio and Video to Zoom – Enrich your camera signal with impressive graphics, add a presentation (so that your video and the presentation isn’t separated), play videos and audio effects to dazzle your audience.
  • Capturing Audio and Video from Zoom – Use Zoom like an additional camera in your live video production, for example in order to interview people or create a hybrid event with some participants in Zoom and some on location.

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