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Manual – Table of Content

Video Conferencing Software

Table of Contents

Using mimoLive’s virtual camera plugin with video conferencing software gives you a lot of advantages:

Benefits of using mimoLive’s virtual camera plugin:

  • Use external cameras
  • Switch between several cameras
  • Picture in picture video
  • Add graphic layers such as logos and lower-thirds for visual improvements
  • Show pre-recorded videos
  • Screen and Window Sharing
  • Display stinger videos
  • Display a timer

In large parts, this document can be applied to zoom.us, MS Teams, GoToMeeting/GoToWebinar, Jitsi, Webex and more. (In some cases, you will have to use the web client in Chrome to be able to use the Virtual Camera).

This section has two sub-sections:

  • Sending Audio and Video to Zoom – Enrich your camera signal with impressive graphics, add a presentation (so that your video and the presentation isn’t separated), play videos and audio effects to dazzle your audience.
  • Capturing Audio and Video from Zoom – Use Zoom like an additional camera in your live video production, for example in order to interview people or create a hybrid event with some participants in Zoom and some on location.

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