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Audio Streaming with SHOUTcat or Icecast via butt

Table of Contents

The two protocols most often used for audio only streaming are SHOUTcast and Icecast. While mimoLive doesn’t support those natively, it is pretty easy to set up a connection from mimoLive to the free tool “butt” which supports both those protocols.

– Download and install the Mac version of butt (“broadcast using this tool”).
– Setup a virtual audio device using Loopback or Blackhole.
– Setup an Audio Aux output with the Audio mix you want to stream and select the virtual audio device from last step as the audio device.
– Don’t forget to turn it live.
– Launch “butt” and select the virtual audio device as the microphone.
– Enter your live streaming server info and start streaming!

That’s it. Now you can produce a live video and a separate live audio stream. Or just use mimoLive and mimoCall to produce your live audio stream with guests.

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