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Syphon is an open source macOS technology that allows applications to share frames – full frame rate video or stills – with one another in realtime.

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You can insert a Syphon Video Sender layer anywhere in your layer stack and transfer the image that has been composited by the layers below to another application.

This is useful for a number of cases:

  • Record a clean signal (e.g. without a Station Logo layer or other graphic overlays by placing it below those layers in the layer stack)
  • Divert video to a projector before adding branding
  • Send video to any of the many other Syphon client apps (e.g. the Syphon Recorder , even within mimoLive using the Syphon Video Receiver Source
  • Provide a confidence monitor for a performer before a greenscreen

To set it up, simply add a Syphon Video Sender layer to the position in the layer stack that you’d like to send to the external application.

In the Syphon Client app, a Syphon Server will appear with a certain name.

Giving the Syphon Server a Name

If you happen to have multiple Syphon Servers running it is helpful to give each Syphon Server a meaningful name. You can setup a name in the layers settings:

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Using Syphon to Record a Clean Signal

One use case of the Syphon Sender layer is to record a clean signal. You might want to record a signal that does not contain any overlays or information that is only relevant to live stream viewers or the live audience.

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To do this:

  • Use the Syphon Sender layer in your layer stack at the appropriate level.
  • Open a second mimoLive document.
  • Set up the Syphon Source, place it in a layer and record this.

Syphon only transmits the video frames but not the audio

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