A very common design element of news shows is a news crawler (aka chyron) which continuously moves text at the bottom of the screen in order to let the audience know about the lates news or additional information about the current show. In mimoLive the News Crawl layer will pull information from the Internet, a local file or text you typed in into your mimoLive document and scroll it over the screen. You can see an example of usage in the Newscast or the Overlay Graphics Generator template.

Setting up the News Crawler Source

In the Content section of the layer settings you can select which Type of data source you want to use. There are three ways to get the data into the News Crawler layer:

  • URL: This will let you specify an URL pointing to an RSS feed on the Internet. Below the dropdown menu you are required to enter the URL for this feed.
  • Local File: With this option you can have a file on your disk containing the RSS feed. This makes sense if you want to display data but you don’t want to put it on a public web server.
  • Text: When you select this option you get a text field below to enter the text for the crawler directly in mimoLive. Note that there is a | character as a divider between title and text.

When loading an RSS feed from the Internet the description text could be sometimes excessive long. With the Description Length option you can shorten it to maximum length of characters.

If you want to let the News Crawler start always from the beginning once you put it live then you need to switch on the Restart On Live option.

Control the Animation of the News Crawler

There are several parameter in the Animation section that controls the movement of the News Crawler.

  • Direction: The crawler can move from left to right, or from right to left. Its important to adjust this to the reading direction of your writing, e.g. hebrews is written from right to left, so the scrolling direction needs to be “Left to Right”.
  • Speed: The scrolling speed is more like an artistic value and may vary by audience.
  • Incoming/Outgoing animation: The News Crawler is defined to be a horizontal bar. These parameters controls the appearance of this bar. It can be pushed in, fade in (dissolve) or just pop up (cut). Note: The push direction is depending on the Anchor parameter of the Geometry section.
  • Duration: This is the time for the incoming and outgoing animation in seconds.

Positioning of the News Crawler Bar

The News Crawler is a horizontal bar which can be positioned anywhere on the screen. Those parameters in the Geometry section describes where this location will be. With the insets from all edges the bar location are defined. Note: The Anchor parameter defines also the direction of the incoming animation if it is set to “push”.

Setting up the Fonts and Colors

In the Appearance section of the News Crawler settings you can specify the font face, size and color for the title text and the description text separately.

The option of Type Kerning will give you an additional creative control for the character spacing.

With the Text Y Offset you can position the text within the News Crawler bar.

The Description Offset specifies the gap between the title and the description text in pixels.

The Item Divider gives Structure to the News

Each news item consists of a title and a description text. It is important to have a divider to make clear to the audience when a new item starts.
The Horizontal Margin specifies how much space will be between the last description and the item divider image, and further more between the divider image and the next title.
The image can be any source that outputs and image (most likely a Media File source). Please note that the divider is drawn only once when a new item gets moved in. In consequence it will take some time until you see the changes to the item divider. Also there will be now animation.
With the Vertical Offset parameter you can adjust the vertical position if the item divider is not at the right position.
With the all the Scaling parameters the resulting size of your item divider media is defined.

Changing the background of the News Crawler Bar

It is very easy to adopt the look and feel of the News Crawler to your corporate design. In the Background section you can select the type of background you want to see for your News Crawler bar:

  • None: If your design incorporated the background for the News Crawler in another layer then you can switch of the background drawing in this layer.
  • Constant Color: This will fill the background with all with the same color you specify below the dropdown menu. Note: The color can also be translucent. This is controlled by the Opacity value in the color chooser popover.
  • Gradient top/bottom, or left/right: This option requires two colors to be specified. Note: A nice effect can be achieved if one color is 100% opaque while the other has a bit of transparency.
  • Custom: Use any image source as a background. It will be stretched to fit the dimensions of the news crawler bar.

For your convenience there is a Drop Shadow option to draw a drop shadow around the News Crawler bar. The drop shadow can be specified by its color, a blur factor, the distance and the direction.

Add an Animation to the News Crawler Bar to make it pop!

You can get really creative with adding an animation to the background of the News Crawler bar. First specify an image that will be overlaid the background you defined in the Background section. Note: this overlay image can have transparency on its own, however there is an Opacity parameter to make the image transparent overall. Also it is a good practice if the image can be tiled seamlessly.

With the Translation X and Y parameter as well as the Rotation parameter you can let this overlay move and spin over time.

Update the Content of the News Crawler Remotely

You can use the HTTP API or the Remote Control Surface to update the content of the News Crawler from a secondary device, even across the internet.

To update using the Remote Control Surface, simply add the “Edit” Button:

Changing Text Remotely


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